Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Laminated Identity cards for Air Force Veterans

IAF has decided to replace the antiquated cardboard ID Cards (IAFF- 2015) with a laminated ID cards. This is applicable for widows of IAF personnel too.

The procedure is simple and can be seen on the AFA website. It involves

(a) Filling up in duplicate an application form obtainable from the nearest IAF unit (one copy will be retained by the unit),

 (b) Attaching a photocopy of the original PPO,

 (c) Attaching a passport size photograph with white background and your Service number endorsed on the right hand corner of the photograph (i.e. above the left ear of the person), and

 (d) Submitting them to the nearest IAF unit.

The IAF unit will forward the same to Dte of Air Veterans who will issue the laminated ID cards through the IAF unit where you submitted the items (a) to (c) above.


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