Saturday, June 14, 2014


Posted: 13 Jun 2014 12:25 AM PDT
The briefing by service HQ to Fin and Def Minister has been completed. The briefing was attended by the 
  1. Minister Sh Arun Jaitley
Three chiefs along with their vice chiefs.Secretary Defence
  1. Secretary DESW
  2. Secretary Expenditure
  3. CGDA
  4. Armed Forces Pay cells heads of three services.
  5. Chairman IESM Maj Gen Satbir Singh 
  6. Chairman IESL Maj Gen Balbir Singh
  7. Col Sharma of RDOA
The briefing was conducted by Maj Gen Agarwal Head of Armed Forces Pay cells. All relevant points were impressed upon. Expected question about the expenditure came up during the presentation and the someone threw the feeler that the exp is too much and there must be a mid way. It looked as if it was already planted in the mind of Minister. It was definitely pre-planned way to side track the correct definition of OROP. Estimated exp of Rs 5000 crores.
At this point Gen Satbir Singh interjected and let it be known to everybody that there is only one correct definition of OROP which has been approved by Koshiari Committee and also approved by Parliament in Budget of UPA Govt on 17 Feb 14. Gen Satbir  impressed upon that OROP has been sanctioned by UPA Govt but they did not get the advantage of it as they lacked conviction to implement it. Sh Raj Nath singh and Sh Modi had given assurances to IESM and in many meetings that BJP Government will implement it holistically. This is no time to go back on your promises. Ex-servicemen family will not accept this and any dilution of the definition of OROP.
He further pointed out that following points do not find mention in the DGL, If possible these should also be included in the DGL prepared by Armed Forces Pay cells. 
  1. OROP for disability pensioners and in that all cat of disability pensioners must be included
  2. All categories of family pensioners must be included in the OROP.
At the end one can say that meeting ended with a positive note and hopefully work on issuance of implementation letter will start in right earnest. 

Source: Cmde Vijay Vaid (IESM)


  1. Undoubtedly, Major General Satbir Singh Ji is doing a great job for all Ex-Servicemen community. We should stand with him and give him a big hands for his sustained work for implementation of real OROP. Jai Hind.

  2. hi
    Government is running short of money and they are making rail fare hike,WPI is crossed 6.01, and due to etc and already warned for the financially tough decisions by Government ,so do not expect too high , what ever we are going too get is Bonus only , and as per Geetha 'all heavy expectations are leading to un happiness ".

  3. we should hope for its early implementation

  4. Government have shortfall of money for Common People and poor people including for Indian Armed Forces but no shortfalls for Bureaucrats Dogs for their treatment at Abroad with escort on Government expenses . In India only it is happening