Saturday, April 8, 2017

7th Pay Commission: Who is responsible for the delay in the implementation of 7CPC? Earlier this month, a report said that "Neither Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor Arun Jaitley could be held responsible for the delay in the implementation of higher allowance."


New Delhi, April 8: As the financial year had already ended, and the Budget session is about to end by next week but the more than 1 lakh central government employees have not got their answers on higher allowances and pay hike under the 7th Pay Commission. The committee on allowance which was formed by the government had already failed twice to meet the deadline to submit the report and on Thursday the members of the committee had a meeting and some reports suggest that they are likely to submit its report in a week’s time. More than 43 lakh central government employees and 57 lakh pensioners are eagerly waiting for the implementation of 7th Pay Commission, especially for higher allowances. As almost a year had passed and there is no firm decision on the issue, due to which several government employees have held the committee officials responsible for the delay.
In June last year, after the Narendra Modi government had approved the recommendations made under the 7th Pay Commission b retired justice AK Mathur and his team, the government had then formed 7th Pay Commission recommendation committee on a higher allowance and the committee is also responsible for working on the minimum wage of central government employees. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had announced the formation of Lavasa panel under the chairmanship of Ashok Lavasa, to examine the issues and suggestions raised on an allowance.

Earlier this month, The Sen Times quoted a source saying that “Neither Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor Arun Jaitley could be held responsible for the delay in the implementation of higher allowance". ”If reports are to be believed, the Committee on Allowances, headed by Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa, will submit its final reports to Arun Jaitley and once the report is submitted there are chances that final decision will be taken soon.

In Thursday’s meeting, the Committee on Allowances was apprised 14 existing allowances given by Department of Posts, Ministries of Railways and Defence. The panel had sought more details on these allowances as it were left out by the 7th Pay Commission. Some reports claim that the committee has taken a final view on these 14 existing allowances.

Earlier the 7CPC in its findings had recommended the abolition of 51 allowances and subsuming of 37 others out of 196 allowances.



  1. No one is talking about implementation of Justice Reddy's report on OROP. This report was submitted to erstwhile RM in October 2016.

    1. Yes,Why the delay? Also any news on implementation of SC order on promotion of Maj to Let Col? Regards.

  2. No doubt it is delayed.But the question is WHAT CAN YOU DO?

  3. Why have you posted this bullshit..What for...?...What do i want to convey by this. We all know it .

  4. The post is waste as this Committee's report in no way benefit or harm Veterans community. What affects the Community is the report of OMJC on OROP whose report was submitted to previous RM Oct last year. Report appears to be consigned to some eternal place. What is so mysterious in this Report or is it so favourable to us that the Govt is withholding it's declassification. Many auspicious days have passed since then and Govt should now at least declassify the Report as numerous affected aged Veterans and Widows are eagerly waiting.

  5. This Committee's report had hardly any affect on Veterans and Widows. But recommendations of One Man Judicial Committee on OROP and National Anamoly Committee on Disability Pension of Armed Forces Personnel does affect. Report of OMJC submitted Oct last year is not yet made public . Wish Govt declassify its recommendations soon for the benefits of eagerly waiting lakhs of Veterans and Widows. Secondly, Hon'ble State Minister of Finance in a reply to Starred Question on 28 Mar 17 did stated that National Anamoly Committee looking into the anamoly on calculation methodology of Disability Pension of Armed Forces Personnel had submitted its recommendations. However it's recommendations are yet to be notified. Hope Govt will notify these orders soon for the benefits of numerous aged Veterans/Widows
    in its wait.

  6. In retrospection , it was visible evasion on resolution of the problem and related issues of anomalies in OROP or military pensions.The intention was obviously to divert the pressure that was building up. At that level of MOD ,GOI ,it was a dirty trick of evasion.
    Both earnestness and intention of resolving the issue was not there -right from beginning.
    Now it is glaringly visible -the intention.
    OMJC - was and is infractu0us,particularly the way it was conceived , conducted -went round and round ,all sorts of presentations ,representations ,memorandums ,interviews ,public durbars like programmes.....Etc.
    Ultimate big zero.
    It is almost a year ,since the problem surfaced.
    If the intention was earnest ,MOD could have resolved then and there with huge army of MOD,def accts and services staff.

  7. Army veterans and widow waiting the benefits for which the anomaly in OROP and 7 CPC review committee and one man justice report already submitted to GOI,MOD ,and waiting for fruitful result.