Friday, July 14, 2017

Govt to come out with fresh norms of disability pensions for armed forces

New Delhi: Jul, 02 2017 13:29:50 IST
 The government has decided to remove existing "anomalies" and come out with a specific percentage-based system for granting disability pensions to Army, Navy and Air Force personnel sustaining injuries in the line of duty.
The decision has been taken in view of the long-standing demand of the armed forces that the current system of determining disability pension needs an overhaul.
Official sources said the government has finalised a new slab-based system which is aimed at addressing most of the concerns of the armed forces that is expected to reduce litigation against the government.
Under the existing mechanism, 30 percent of the last salary minus the dearness allowance is given as disability pension to those sustaining 100 percent disability.
The pension amount reduces depending on specific percentage of the injury and sources said the affected personnel often take legal recourse, alleging discrepancies in determining quantum of injury.
As per the new slab-based system, security personnel with 20-50 percent disability will be considered 50 percent disabled while those with 50-75 per cent bracket will come under the 75 per cent disabled category.
Any personnel with more than 75 per cent disability will be considered 100 per cent disabled.
So all the eligible disability pensioners will be considered under three broad categories and accordingly pensions will be determined.
"It will be a robust system and will address long-pending grievances of the armed forces," a senior official said.
Explaining the new system, he said, "Any person with 50 percent disability will get half of the total pension being given to a person with 100 percent disability under existing mechanism."
The government had started giving disability pension with effect from 1 January, 2006 to those who had taken pre-mature retirement due to injuries sustained in line of duty.
The changes being introduced to calculate disability pension are based on recommendation of a committee headed by former Adjutant General of the Army, Lt Gen (retd) Mukesh Sabharwal.

The mandate of the committee was to suggest remedial measures to reduce litigations and disputes in various courts relating to disability pension. (PTI)
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  1. This has been a long pending issue, though minor in nature, the Govt could not expedite and quench the thirst of old veterans. The financial implication is very very less while coating to other heads of Govt expenditure which I do not like to mention. Let us wait one more week for DDESW to release the orders.

  2. This news came in paper on 02 Jul 17.
    Upto 49% will get 50%
    50% to 74% will get 75%
    75% and above 100%

  3. Let the see DDESW notification

  4. Such initiatives are welcome by we all disabled veterans.

  5. Dear Moderator
    I have given my valuable comments regarding new norms of disability pension with a view to educate other veterans twice in this forum and you have not published the above. Since you have not published these comments, then you tell the readers that the new norms for disability pension to take effect from which date and the reasons for its delay.