Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Today after long wait I got the so-called 107-page document from Ministry of Defence in reply of my RTI. As it is not possible to scan and publish the scanned copies of such voluminous data, I will give my fallowing observations and impressions for the information of eagerly waiting ESMs.
1. Most of the information provided are inter-departmental correspondence before formation of OROP-2 committee. Majority of these documents are already available in the environment in terms of my earlier RTI reply and RTI reply received by Air Marshall Savur (Retd.)

2. OMJC Repot is not tagged to OROP-2 and OROP-2 committee will not take OMJC Report into account for revision.

3. Two meetings have taken place by OROP-2 Committee and the deliberations have been forwarded to RM, RRM, Sec. to RM, ESW and many others for their comments. Nobody has replied yet and it seems that nobody is in a hurry to settle the OROP-2 issues.

4. I have not got the minutes of the OROP-2 committee meetings but from the inter-departmental correspondence I came to know that CGDA has raised two issues. One: the terms of reference of OROP-2 committee were to fix the modalities and methodologies of OROP-2. So they are not obliged to make the table. Two: there is no officer of TRIPAS in the committee, so how it is possible to reach a conclusion for OROP-2?

5. Letters have been sent to Army, Navy & Air Force pay-cells to supply latest live data of 2018 retirees and presumably they are working on it.

6. I found the role of DESW is positive, as they are sending reminders that the stipulated period of one month for submission of report is surpassed.

7. DESW is kind enough to give me copies of a few confidential letters, which I can not reveal here for legal reasons.

8. My overall impression is: OROP-2 train is slow-moving but surely on track and we may have to wait for a few more months to know the outcome and get our arrears credited to our Bank Accounts.

(Source : Via e-mail of PK Vasudevan/Facebook a/c)

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