Sunday, March 29, 2020


Dear Ex-Servicemen and their families

1.   In view of the outbreak of CORONA VIRUS, may I request all Ex-Servicemen and their families to take necessary precautions to prevent spread of the virus.

2.  I also request you all to avoid non essential travel and avoid crowded places.

3.  Please avoid going to religious places, houses of friends, relatives, various Offices, etc

4.  Kindly maintain strict personal hygiene and consult the doctor in case of any emergency and avoid routine check up as much as possible

5.  Sainik welfare Department welcomes all Ex-Servicemen and their families  for resolving their grievances. However, considering the present situation, we feel that it would be better for all of you to use the mail, whatsapp and other means to resolve your problems as a temporary measure and visit the Zilla Sainik Welfare Offices only in case of emergency.

6.  Special request you to Ex-Servicemen above 60 Years  of age: Please take utmost care and avoid travel outside your home except for emergencies

We are soldiers and shall remain so. Let’s maintain strict discipline in containing the disease and maintaining a safe nation

Wish you all the Good Health and safety

Thanks and Regards,
Col.P.Ramesh Kumar (Retd)
Director, Sainik Welfare. 
Sainik Aramghar Complex
Raj Bhavan Road
Telangana State


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