Monday, August 24, 2020



Today 24 Aug 2020 OROP case was heard and argued through video conference in court no 3 of Justice Dr Chandrachud and Justice Joseph. Our case was listed at Sl.No. 24 and our turn came at 1240 hrs.

Govt was represented by SGI Mr Tushar Mehta and his team

Our side was represented by
Mr Hujefa Ahmadi Sr lawyer
Mr Balaji Srinivasan AOR
Mr Arunava Mukherjee lawyer
Mr Rohan Sharma lawyer
M/s Garima lawyer

MAJ Gen Satbir Singh and Gp Capt VK Gandhi attended virtual hearing through video conferencing.

To start with SGI Mr Tushar Mehta requested for physical hearing of the case and requested for three weeks time to study and make further submissions if felt necessary.

Our lawyers contested tooth and nail the submission of SGI Mr Tushar Mehta and argued.

1. All required submissions have been made to the Honourable court. And no further submissions are needed.  This in fact is delaying tactic on part of Govt.

2. Our lawyer submitted that our last note given to HSC on 6 Aug was final and Govt had submitted an affidavit in response to our submission. It has taken more than one year since HSC asked GOI to find solutions to anomalies pointed out by pensioners.
3. This delay is depriving of 25 lakh soldiers and five lakhs widows of full and legitimate OROP.

4. Mr Hujefa insisted that we are ready for final arguments and submitted that Govt had promised One Rank One Pension but has given one rank many pensions. This is hurting soldiers and veterans.

On hearing arguments of both counsel Justice Chandrachud stated that Govt has given RS 10000 crores on account of OROP. He agreed to give time to Govt as requested by SGI.

Our lawyers again requested for arguments but Honourable court decided to grant time to Govt.

Mr Balaji Srinivasan requested the court that let that be final hearing on that court made a note and fixed 29 Sept as next date for hearing.

IESM sincerely thanks our team of lawyers under the leadership of Mr Hujefa and Mr Balaji Srinivasan who are standing for veterans for OROP pro bono.

Next date for hearing in HSC for OROP is 29 Sep 2020.

Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Vice Chairman IESM.
24 Aug 2020



Brigadier Narinder Dhand.
Founder & Convener,
Indian Armed Forces Veteran's Portals

(Source : Via e-mail)

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