Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ex-servicemen threaten to take OROP fight to Bihar By Manu Pubby, ET Bureau

NEW DELHI: 12 Aug, 2015, 05.32AM IST 

Threatening to upset the poll equation for BJP in Bihar, the Army veterans have decided to take to the streets in a big way if the Centre does not implement One Rank, One Pension scheme before the state polls are anounced.

In a direct attack on BJP, the United Front of Ex-servicemen has decided to ask citizens not to vote for the party if the matter is not resolved. 

In a direct attack on BJP, the United Front of Ex-servicemen has decided to ask citizens not to vote for the party if the matter is not resolved. This offensive comes even as concern is mounting in the defence ministry on the impact of the protest on  serving personnel. There are reports of protest from soldiers at operational units. Besides, serving soldiers, including three-star generals, have reportedly contributed money to the ongoing protests.

"If the government does not implement OROP by the time elections in Bihar are announced, we will go all out and tell voters not to support. We will not be partisan and will leave the choice to the voters," Col Devinder Behl (retd), spokesperson of the exservicement movement told ET.

Office bearers said that given the large ex-servicemen population in Bihar, a determined effort would lead to electoral consequences for the BJP. Maj Gen Satbir Singh (retd) told ET that the plan is to have pan-Bihar rallies with active support from the ground to send across a message.

While expectations are high within the ex-servicemen on an announcement on the issue by PM Narendra Modi by August 15, office bearers are till cautious, saying that the PM has made at least two announcements on the issue in the past that have not been honoured till now. "We are waiting till August 15 after which a huge scaling up of the protest in planned," Maj Gen Singh told ET.

Worryingly, several intelligence reports coming from across the nation point to a growing un ease within the serving personnel who have relatives and close friends in the protestors. "It is a matter of concern and letters have started reaching Delhi that question the non-implementation of the scheme," a South Block official said.

A source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that there are firm inputs that several serving personnel are now openly supporting the protest and donations worth lakhs have been made to the United Front of Ex Servicemen as a mark of solidarity.



  1. Mijeh nahi lagta orop 15 Aug ko mil jayega is lie hame bihar chunav ke lie tayar rahna hai.

  2. Dear sir,

    When basic and genuine needs of ex army people are not fulfilled, even after the pre poll promises made by the BJP, it is unfortunate that serving soldiers are supporting and providing monetary support to run the protest, if it is not realised at this stage, then anything may happen, even something which is undesirable activity may happen. this type of simmering of anger of ex army and in service army personnel are being watched by the external forces, even not a iota of sense of responsibility and maturity in dealing this grave concern, we notice from MODI, BJP is immature and irresponsible party that may take the nation to hell, once the radicalisation starts none can contain it, they will bury the largest democracy in the gutter