Wednesday, November 11, 2015

OROP row: Ex-servicemen try to set medals on fire, hold protest march

NEW DELHI: Some ex-servicemen tried to burn their gallantry medals at the Jantar Mantar today as a show of protest against the government for implementing "its version" of the One Rank, One Pension scheme.

They were stopped and halted by their fellow protestors.

Earlier in the day, Major General (Retd.) Satbir Singh, who is leading the protest, had denied the rumour of ex-servicemen burning their gallantry medals. "We have no knowledge and we have no plans for that at the Jantar Mantar. We do not want to burn it. Why should we burn it? If there is anything, we will see at that particular time," Singh told ANI.

Slamming Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar for failing to deliver his promises on the OROP scheme, the protesting army veterans had yesterday warned the former to stop misleading the nation and dared him to meet with their delegation for an open discussion.

Singh had urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fulfil his assurances in letter and spirit. "Government has not given us the OROP which was assured and the notification issued has seven shortcomings. We are angry and are going to express our fury by retuning our medals from every district and let me inform you that medals have been pouring in large numbers from across the nation," Singh told ANI.

(Source- Times of India)

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