Wednesday, November 11, 2015


  1. I am at Jantar Mantar and tweeting from . Reporting ALL action.
  2. Veterans march towards rashtrapati bhavan. Protest intense yet controlled.@simba49@bringOROP
  3. Barricaded at Rail Bhawan. Very heated arguments. Police say 144
  4. Reach Rafi Marg. Massive number of ESM.
  5. Retweeted One Rank One Pension (): The 71 yr old Joginder...
  6. Sweet nothing, I am sure.
  7. Don't take credit for something which has not been done.
  8. Fallin to low standrds as usual. No way out it seems for the GOI
  9. Return of Medals intensifies. Will be spread over next 30 Days across country and embassies
  10. Gen Satbirs car was trailed by six men near Teen Murti. Gp Capt Gandhi & Col Anil Kaul too
  11. RT kkhushal9: Medal wapasi, black diwali by veterans WILL make this govt pay a heavy price.simba49bringOROPmissionOROP
  12. The movement will be escalated. Govts false promises exposed. Credibility questioned. India say NO to MISGovernance
  13. Need to remind Chetwode motto to Chiefs. Personal ambitions are coming in the way to deny ranks their rightful due.
  14. nw is it time to honor ? Learn frm ur mistakes GOI
  15. How does a Def Minister get Artificial Intelligence to call Veterans "Misguided"? 3 Advisors?
  16. Defence Minister, calls Armed Forces 'misguided', then he must be LOST. Novices must


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