Friday, November 13, 2015


Dear Office bearers of IESM,

The call of the day is:

1. JM agitation is over its expiry date. We all supported it, I went along with the AAD veterans of tricity and deposited nearly Rs 3 L in support. But now that the govt order is out, the battle-lines have to shift. Please don't reinforce the failure. The order won you on PMR but failed on other demands and we need to reconcile with it.

2. Please stop this 'tamasha' as the civilians are calling it. We are falling into the wily bureaucrat-political trap. Let us close all this surrender medal campaign. It is demeaning to surrender to Asstt DC and the likes who care nothing about ESMs. 

3. Phase two of the battle requires us to get to the courts of law. Let us file petition in all district and High courts on balance seven demands. Let us flood all AFTs. Let us file a PIL on behalf of serving soldiers against the order on future PMR...the shift must take place immediately, unless more damage is done. Please listen to many sane voices of ESMs including Gen Bahri, who got everyone together in the first place.

IESM has done well, but I believe obstinacy does not the long run. 

a well wisher and a member of the IESM.


(Source- Via E-mail)


  1. You are very correct Sir.we have achieved the first phase even though partial. Now the second phase is to approach the judiciary.Burning the medals is AntiNational Activity.Returning the medals by Senier Officers in front of a DM is not good. Hence the IESM must follow your advice in my opinion.

  2. Its a welcome suggestion

  3. The advice to shift the fight from roadside demonstrations to courts couldn't have come from anywhere but from the real well wisher, Don't surrender, don't beg to talk to government, but shift the scene of action to courts. IESM shouldn't feel let down as all ESMs are thankful to the organization and have high regards for it for its selfless fight for a rightful cause. Please immediately consider to wind up from JM , get the best of legal support and move the Courts.....

  4. PM has promised all issues on OROP can be referred to the judicial commission. Now let us do that first. Our confrontation should stop now and we should engage with government.

  5. Let us b practical. Hw long can JM go on?

  6. We should wait upto publication of next notofication alingwith its revised tables rank and year wise service.

  7. Dear sirs,

    As advised let us forward our problems to one man judicial commission, if denied, let us go to supreme court for the redressal. many of us may not know how we got ECHS It is because of apex court order, no government is willing to serve ex army people after retirement

  8. A right directive for a solution. We should file a PIL immediately.

  9. The govt is totally immune to ex-servicemen legitimate observations on OROP notification which does not meet its definition which was passed in Parliament. No govt minister or official met veterans who have been agitating for several months. The DM has categorically stated that all demands cannot be met. This is a great insult to nations saviors which needs to be contemplated and agitation called off immediately as we cannot bear anymore insults. We need to approach courts now as we have exhausted all options.