Tuesday, November 10, 2015

OROP NOTIFICATION - A fast work done by Damayanti Garu .How About a Faster work by the PCDA(P)-Allahabad?

The DESW/CGDA/PCDA(P)  all knew on 05 Sep 2015 After the announcement by Parker that the notification has to be issued after the COC (Model code of conduct) for Bihar Elections are over. The time available was from 06Sep to 10 Nov (2 months) for making the draft and draft tables ready and waiting for the final word go  with or without changes to what was announced on 05 Sep 2015.

Damayanti Garu ,JS-DESW did the home work well and spontaniously issued the implementation letter on 07/11/2015 on announcement by the RM. And uploaded it on their website for all others to follow further actions .

We expected that the PCDA(Pensions) also would have done their home work  with a draft table  during this sabbatical period of 2 months since 05 Sep   and waited for the MOD letter to be out and the next day issue the Circular and tables. If wishes were horses then faujis would ride it !!!. The PCDA spend their 2 months in having dip in holi waters at Draupadi Ghat !!!!

When can we expect the Circular and tables from PCDA( Draupadi) ?  When will the banks get it ? When will the family pensioners and other pensioners get it ?

SBI  has already got the back log of about 12 Lakh pensioners payment of arrears from 1/1/2006 to 23/09/2012 . Widows have not yet got it . JCO/OR have not got it yet . November is still in the Crackers and holiday mood . When is this fooljhadi going to come .

Thereafter : Hopefully this Circular would come by 20 November . Will SBI, pay the poor widows their arrears  before "The merry x-mas".???? or will it again make the widows Christmas not that merrier ?-as they have done with the previous arrears for unhappy Dussehra and Diwali without light ?

Pray , All gods  , Specially the gods of Christmas , so that  the Aged pensioners and widows get their arrears before X-mas .

That reminds me , Let me send a mail to Madam chairman(woman), of SBI enclosing the MOD leter and tell her to gear up her system to take on the circular ,the moment it is uploaded on the Draupadi Ghat website .

Thanks and regards
Latif Vadakkayil 

(Source- Via Gp E-mail)

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  1. Don't worry bhai we will get something now the time is close
    however may take 2-3 months by bank for calculations so was in the