Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Who are Fighting/doing something for The Future of Jawan/Widow and for the Security of India would NEVER BE Given That Perk of Governor/Diplomat Appointment.

Dear Sir,
With reference to your reply to Brig Ganju, THE NDA will never make Gen Satbir a Governor/Diplomat. However, you or AVM or other Generals with you have a better chance for these appointments and you may be doing well.
International Scenario of OROP:I live in Canada& internationally Veterans and Govts are Laughing at Future Super Power & The Veteran Leaders who are bending low One In Hand Is Better Than Two in the Bush OR Jo Milta Hai Le Lo. 

Pakistanies must be having a fun on us. If I was dead leading An Infantry or Armored Assault, I or My Widow would not speak The Language you speak.
The other matter that concerns Indian Armed Forces and more particularly Indian Govt is The Harm Govt Stance is Inflicting on The Serving Soldier. Indian Armed Forces are currently involved in Joint Military Exercises with foreign troops from USA, Japan, China and others. Would  you please visualize The Psyche of Indian Soldier that despite being from the best Armed Force of The World he is being ill treated while others despite being inferior are getting better pensions. 

It is shame on those who support Indian Govt! Hence Babus and politicians playing in their hands are the ones doing the damage to India. 

Please fight them and don't mislead Faujies in the name of Satbir Singh and lead us independently doing something better than Satbir Singh.
In India few years back I was approached by IESL workers who ended meetings on Drinks and Great Celebrations over best of CSD(I) liquor and Barha Barha Khaana by Stake holders of IESL. Am I expected to follow such workers? Please check on the ground realities. 

And not lead The Clerical Staff (Who Serve All Regiment in Unit  and higher HQs)  while the Soldiers, JCOs and Officers go out chasing terrorists, Siachin, High Altitudes, Mine Fields, Signallers, Armd Corps Pers and many others and now these clerks are active in IESL fighting for heroes aforesaid. In Unit HQs these guys work overtime to send reports on Martyrs or other clerical stuff ordered and hence Without Any Sense of Responsibility /Accountability. Even Commanding Officers, 2 I/Cs & Adjts move out of Unit HQs but these people never move out. 

I would love to know how many of such people form The IESL? Most of SL Offrs are extraordinary like Brig Sandhu (Ex Raj Rifles) but many others have different working conditions than The Active Soldier of all ranks all over India.
A Jawan would give his life for me. I would lead a Jawan from The Front to assault enemy well knowing that This Jawan may not go back home after the assault. One In Hand Better Than Two In The Bush does not apply to that Jawan at that point of time. 

That Jawan Better Be At Home with His Family  than The Assault! I as leader don't ask for it and neither does The Jawan consider it and that is what should make you and The Chiefs Fight For What Has Been Sanctioned By The Parliament and Judiciary THE OROP.
We Are Not Beggars! 

We have lived in mountains, extreme temperatures/terrain with limited foods/facilities and Now Can Go On Living Eating Grass Like The Braves of Rajasthan and a motivated Jawan or Widow can do it if you lead them appropriately. 

However, the sad part is that if led appropriately by you or anyone else Fighting Today  for That Jawan/Widow would NEVER BE Given That Perk of Governor/Diplomat Appointment. 

Choice is your's but let's not discuss those who are doing something for The Future of Soldier and for the Security of India.
Please don't divide Veterans on Rank structure.
Col Bajwa, Veteran

(Source- Via e-mail)

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