Saturday, November 14, 2015

OROP row: Burning medals insult to the nation, says Parrikar; Kejriwal backs veterans

The OROP row escalated with Def Minister Manohar Parrikar terming attempts by veterans to burn medals as an insult to the nation and asked the protesting ex-servicemen to prove there was no political motive behind their stir even as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal voiced support to them.
  • Parrikar
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"If I say something, it will become an allegation. Let them prove that it is not political," Parrikar told reporters inArakkonam in Tamil Nadu when asked if he saw a political link to continuing agitation despite the government's response and notification on One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme.
He said the medals are a recognition of the nation for the sacrifice done by the armed forces. "Burning and returning them is an insult to the nation and the defence forces," Parrikarsaid.
The minister's comments come in the wake of a section of the ex-service personnel expressing dissatisfaction on the ground that the OROP notification has not fully met their demands.
The government had this month formally notified the OROP scheme for over 24 lakh ex-servicemen and six lakh war widows in the country. "Medals are a recognition of bravery, for the service to the nation. It has nothing to do with service conditions whereas OROP is about service conditions. It does not say you are entitled for medals, it talks about service conditions like your pay and entitlement," Parrikar said.
His comments came on a day when Kejriwal visited the protesting ex-servicemen at Jantar Mantar wearing a cap and T-shirt with OROP slogans.
He asked the Centre to implement OROP for the veterans in its "true spirit" rejecting its recent notification in this regard.
Kejriwal, who spoke to the media near the makeshift stage of the protesting veterans, however, he did not address the gathering as he was asked not to make any "political statement" by Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, who is spearheading the movement.
"The government notification is a farce because it is not in its true spirit. Please don't fool the veterans. Implement OROP as per its definition. They are not begging but asking for their rights. It is unfortunate that the country's soldiers are fighting for their rights on the streets," Kejriwal said.
The Chief Minister also tweeted his support for the ex- servicemen saying all their demands are "logical" and that the BJP-led Centre has been "unjust" to them. "Centre shud immediately accept their demands."
The protesting ex-servicemen had earlier met Kejriwal and briefed him about the "shortcomings" in the OROP notification.
(Source- DNA News


  1. Mr Parikar to see that there is no political angle behind the OROP move pl release the Real OROP as aproved by 2 parliaments and c that the Dharna going on at JM is over the very next day Rest is all politics at ur end .

  2. Dear sir,
    The congress government had raised the pension of PBOR two times silently to some extent they tried to bridge the gap, whereas MODI has assured the implementation of ORP in its true spirit without dilution 100 days from the date of assumption of office. The agenda of OROP has been accepted by both UPA and NDA, paikkar declared not one rank one pension but one rank polypension and he says BJP paid the OROP, how he is grotesque in his meaning, who enthroned you in the power we ex army people BJP is running the government, it is not government, let us put the grievances before judicial committee if not satisfied let us move apex court. we must ensure in the coming election whether it is state assembly or parliament , similar to bihar results we should remain united to overthrow the modi governement

  3. Time to Chill off a bit and please do not get any politicos in to this at this stage. It will be a recipe for disaster. Politicos supporting from outside is fine and they can say support / do not support it will matter very little..

  4. Mr.Parikar are you sleek in your own mind do you understand what is orop if yes is this you announced fulfilled the same.

  5. I too would refrain from taking support from any politico or from disgruntled elements like Jethmalani.

  6. where are our (so called ) guys VKS and RSR ....Baa baa black sheep

  7. We (JCOs/OR) have not received arrears as per notification No 547 as the rtd officers have received it before Diwali. It is surprised when the orop will be implemented we would be celebrate the Holi instead of Diwali.

  8. Issues have been messed up. Defence of country is casualty .
    Very poor display by everybody.

  9. This is how people change, they asked for it from last 50yrs at least but cngrs led govt. had never implemented. Even no true or untrue spirit. Nobody has ever raised the issue. When someone is trying to put forward one step, one shud can not be a solution to all the problems, never it can be. Because if someone is happy with something, their are n number of people who will b disappointed with that same decision. After all I think 70% battle is won, rest can b fought b4 the judicial panel or at apex court.

  10. DO not understand as to why every one in power and in government hate armed forces.

  11. A big Salute to the veterans protesting at Jandhar Mandir for long days. Really, they have been agitating for a noble cause, no doubt. But, I have the following points to highlight at this juncture regarding the agitation :-

    1. One of my doubts at this point of time is politics is creeping into this noble cause. This is a general feeling. If this is really happening, it will will adversely affect on the reputation of the veterans.

    The acts like trying to burn the Medals and all has done much damage to the reputation of veterans. The Medals are not given by any Govt, instead given by the Nation - the Country as a recognition for the service rendered by men in uniform. Disrespect to those medals on grounds of differences with any political party of govt is not good sign.

    2. Veterans have been asking for OROP for more than 40 years and not even a single govt came to power during these period did anything towards the demand. But, the present govt has approved OROP (though, shortcomings are there), hence veterans have to accept it firstly and then try for improvement of shortcomings.

    3. The govt has already approved the OROP in principle. One of the major difference of opinion between govt and veterans are regarding the revision of pension - veterans demanded yearly demand, but govt approved five yearly demand. This is really a major point and Veterans can press for this demand by accepting what has been approved, through democratic/peaceful means.

    4. It is very difficult to understand the present claim of five yearly revision will lead to 'one rank many pension'. Pension to JCO/OR are being paid on the basis of notional pay arrived as per 6th Pay Commission Pay. Mean to say JCOs/OR retired in 2007, 2008, 2009 .... 2014, 2015 with a certain years of service in a rank are getting same pension. Then five yearly revision will lead to 'one rank many pension'. Don't understand. Can any one please clarify me the issue with facts and figures for better understanding.

    5. whether any veteran organisation protesting for the noble cause has any data regarding the present pension of pre-2006 pensioner of all the ranks with certain years of service and that of post -2006 retirees. This will help pre-2006 retired veterans to understand the difference between what they are getting and what the present time retirees are getting. After interacting with so many JCOs (both pre-2006 and post 2006 retirees) I am of the opinion that both pre-2006 and post-2006 JCOs are getting same pension. For eg - a Subedar with 28 years of service (Gp Y) is drawing a basic pension of Rs 11970/- p.m. (both old and new) The same is the case with all JCO ranks). Lack clarity is very much there regarding what is actually due (demanding) and what is actually getting.

    If any organisation has such data, that should be published.

    At the end, I like to say the veterans have been working towards a noble cause for so many years and no doubt, we will win. But, let do n't allow any political organisation or leader take away the credit of OROP or any disagreement or disbelief creep into the rank and file of veterans.

    Jai Hind.

    Honorary Subedar Major Gangadharan P