Friday, February 6, 2015

Documents Required for ECHS Claims

It is observed that a number of claims for reimbursement of medical expenditure through ECHS are not accompanied by all the required documents. This leads to rejection of claim or delay due to protracted correspondence.                                                                                                                                                                                                     All the veterans are requested to attach the following documents with their claims for reimbursement of medical expenditure through ECHS:- 

1. Contingent bill with revenue stamp & sign
2. Application to OIC for Reimbursement
3. ECHS Card’s Photocopy
4. EIR/Referral from Reception (with in 48 Hrs)
5. Emergency Certificate
6. Discharge Summary
7. Bills Summary
8. Bill break up
9. All reports (X-Ray & Lab Reports etc.)
10. Payment Receipt
11. Cancelled Cheque.
12. Stent Invoice, Cover & Implant Invoice (only cardio & other case)
13. Drug Certificate (Drugs/Consumables more than Rs 1000/- per drug)
Hope this benefits the veterans

  Note: All documents (Bills, Discharge Summary, Report) to be stamped and sign by hospital authorities.

(Source- DESA Blog)

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