Saturday, April 25, 2015

Breaking News:Petition allowed for Full pension to pre 2006 Pensioners for 20 years or more of service :

CAT Delhi has allowed the Petition for grant of Full pension for pre 2006 Pensioners for 20 years or more of service  Orders were passed by PB CAT on 21-4-2015, in the OA filed by Sh Partap Narayan & others. Detailed judgement is awaited.



  1. With this new judgement the OROP calculations will require new insights/reworking. On this pretext the OROP orders from Finance Ministry will further be delayed.

  2. Replies
    1. OROP as projected and wanted by the IESM still counts number of years service beyond 20 years till 37 years. Just look at their chart of expected pensions. Their suggestion that a Major with 20 Years service must be given Lt Colonel pension with Major's rank pay and the one with 21 years service must be equated to Lt Colonel proves that this 20 Year service and full pension is not covered in the present proposal.

  3. What is the full matter? Plz explain.

  4. long way to go...........govt will obviously appeal......upto curative petition

  5. Dear Vetrans,

    Pl refrain from comments/counter comments for a month or so.

    Hope for the best & wait.


    Take care

  6. One can not avoid comments in view of the periodical confusing statements of DM which are no more honest.Delay can be accepted but now the intentions are doubtful. Just go thru his words since 1st Feb - OROP is a foregone conclusion, matter of few days, end March, end April, FM approval, political approval and when he ran short of excuses, he brought in another issue of approval from parliament which does not appear convincing now with the parliamentary panel also slamming the government. Over to DM for another innovative excuse.
    However, going with the advise of a fellow veteran,, I shall not make further comments as long as I can hold myself which unfortunately may not be long if the next excuse of DM shows us veterans as yet again stupids.

  7. It means that who have completed 21 years of service can get the pension of next rank ie. Hav can get pension of Nb Sub Major can get Lt Col Gen can get DM.