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Ref post by Mr. Nitin Gokhale of date, just spoke to him personally.
Quote, " Sir, i have been asked by the RM whom I met on Thursday 8/4/15 to convey to the environment that the OROP issue is "Done & Dusted" duly approved by Fin Ministry & the PMO as in the PM himself. He has assured implementation/roll out by end Apr 15/4-5 May Latest" Please tell everyone. Cheers.
Col Anil Kaul, VrC
Media Advisor

1. Final signed note from RM to FM Conveying the finality of the proposal of OROP. 2. The note will form the basis of the sanction by CCPA. 3. The calculation of the award down to the last detail, by the way max beneficiaries are TS LD's & Dfr's. 4. An amount of 8293/-Cr has been specified.


As a matter of courtesy, custom, ethos of our alma maters, of seniority in terms of age, rank, experience and status, I should address you as,
Dear Sir, Dear General or demi-officially, Dear Gen Kadyan.
However as per our current common societal status of ex-servicemen, I would like to address this missive to you quite plainly as: -
Dear Veteran Raj Kadyan,
I write this missive in the backdrop of the current days of I-Run episodes, whose aroma you seem to have taken a fancy to, in the context of walking out on me to go to another channel a task that seemed more important to you instead of answering my poser on the most important question affecting the very large constituency of veterans that you supposedly would like to lead.
I could not get an answer from you; neither did you consider it worth your while to get in touch after your important assignment was over, even over 24 hours after the event, implying thereby that you scant regard the feelings of fellow veterans who you supposedly would like to lead.
I hold no brief for anyone, neither their drawers nor their inners. I speak for myself and perhaps for those whose voice is not heard over the din of the missives and counter missives across the electronic spectrum with regard to their nuances, trials and tribulations that they face on a daily basis. Nothing has changed from the time we learned are basics of leadership, due to the commonality of the curriculum respectively. One of the benchmarks has always and will forever remain constant and those are the last two parts of the Chetwodian motto, I will not repeat them. However I find that you are violating these on a regular basis to uphold a twist in the same saying, that implies a factor of “I”, “Me” & “Myself”. A factor that places you in rather low esteem amongst scores of veterans who you supposedly would like to lead.
I allude to the ongoing tussle for power of the IESM of which you were once the Chairman. We all know the circumstances, reasons, objectives and proposals under which the organization came into existence, so I will not repeat them, but for the record admit that they were to say the least, “Noble”. They remain so even today. Had it faltered any where down the line, the rank and file would have rejected it, much as it rejects various outfits from time to time. Instead it has grown from strength to strength as can be verified from the growing numbers of its members on a daily basis. Had it faltered any where down the line, the on going developments towards goal accomplishments would not have seen the light of day. Had it faltered any where down the line, OROP would not have remained a dream. Had it faltered any where down the line, the improvements in ECHS however few and far between would have remained a far cry? Had it faltered any where down the line, the voice of veterans so voluble today would have been muted. Had it faltered any where down the line donations would not continue to pour in.
All this has happened in the last four to five years, a period of time when you were busy organizing the Common Wealth games and subsequently entering the political fray, besides working for a Government that was inimical to our crusades, canvassing and fighting your own battles with total disregard to the cause of the veterans, as head of the IESM, a “DUTY” that had been earnestly entrusted to you by those whom you supposedly would like to lead. I dare say that you were always espousing the cause albeit in your personal capacity rather than the face and voice of those you supposedly would like to lead.
In doing so you created a divide in the organization that had been created for a “WE” cause and not for an “I” effect. Some others who followed you in the context of the latter application still think it fashionable and correct to reinforce failure. As military men this grave error should have been apparent, but nay to add to this abject tactical impasse we lost another great basic consideration of any operation of war viz concentration of force. These two factors in themselves became the ideal ladle by which our bette-noire’s the beaurecrats served bowl after bowl of inimical facts and theories negating us and dragging cases interminably. Your and a handful of your followers actions belied the expectations of those who had entrusted their mandate to you, you let down those you supposedly would like to lead.
The composition of the IESM is sans the narrow affiliations of serving soldiers in terms of service, ranks, types of commissions, regiments, units, arms, branches, sections, caste, creed religion, region and now with Nari Shakti even Sex. A slight introspection into your IESM related breakaway entities expose this very facet and reek of regionalism, casteism & religious overtones in total disregard to the character of equality so deeply engrained in most of us. I allude to the numerous organizations that profess solidarity to your view point as available in the public domain. The happenings during the IESM, AGM in Nov 2012 are too well etched in the mind of those who attended to substantiate any doubts on their veracity and the course events have taken place since then. Did you therefore conduct yourself in a manner that you could continue to head an organization you supposedly would like to lead?
A series of actions emanated post this ugly episode and matters went downhill to the extent that the organization meant for providing succor to Lakhs of ESM got embroiled in the classical National game of “COURT BALL”. Two and half years down the line we are staring at another “Tareeq” i.e. 20 Feb 2015. Other than as a case of a child going crying to a teacher and paying hefty sums to lawyers on both sides what have you achieved. To my mind even if you get a favorable verdict, nothing; as in my opinion by your actions you have lost the very confidence of those you supposedly want to lead.
I say this because since the incident of Nov 2012, two AGM’s of the IESM have been legally convened, both of which you did not attend; A new GB was elected legally after the end of the term of the previous GB. You neither attended nor contested the elections; information of the same was available in the open public domain in various forms so ignorance of instructions is no excuse.
Notwithstanding the verdict of any court of law which is based on interpretation, presentation and perception of a limited number of individuals viz a judge and the two opposing lawyers and whose considered judgment is both acceptable and appealable as the case maybe, it is the judgment of those who put you on the pedestal, the AGM that would be sacrosanct. In such circumstances would you still consider the option of a quiet honourable exit as against one that would leave a bad taste in the mouth, to put it mildly? Particularly if it came from the very same persons you supposedly want to lead.
Non-violent protests and agitations against perceived injustices are part of the fabric of India. Veterans are a part of society and are entitled to the same as anyone else. It has been through a series of such protests and agitations over the last six years that IESM has reached centre stage and ensured that the perceived injustices are not only addressed but corrected and implemented. The rally on 01 Feb 2015 is just the same. Reasons being propagated to abort the rally have come from you and a few who support your view point of giving more time to the government, etc etc. Be that as it may the resounding response from the majority is to the opposite. In a democracy it is the majority that counts. This is more complex as it comes from those you would supposedly like to lead.
As one approaches the finish line in any race scores of spectators cheer on the participants and this results at times in record breaking performances. They also act as a reminder to the participants and the organizers that race is not over as yet. You are advised not to impede the conveyance of the message that till the DGL is not issued the race is still on, Having done an exhilarating “JOSH” run, is it therefore wise to now slow down when the last few hundred meters stand between us and the “Banner”? You along with your supporters owe it to the veterans to step out of the way and ensure they get the coveted “Banner”, read DGL, The same veterans that you supposedly would like to lead.
Concluding my missive dear veteran, may I therefore humbly recommend to you that your present stance is not helping the cause of ESM in anyway other than humiliation and confusion? If you feel differently, whether you stand by it or not IESM will standby you and those who support you in your hour of need as you continue to be ESM. Till then let us part as friends, sans registrar/court cases and media missives contrary to the common cause. This action alone would raise your level of acceptance amongst those you supposedly want to lead.
I wish you had stayed back a few moments yesterday

Anil Kaul Veteran.
An ESM who wishes to be led by those whom he once held in high esteem.
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