Friday, April 21, 2017


NEW DELHI: The government is set to clear a Rs 5,000 crore package for pensioners after Sunday’s municipal elections in the capital to address their concerns related to the award of the 7th pay commission for central government employees and seniors.
The revised pension will be taken up by the Union cabinet along with three-four issues related to the pay of central government employees, even as a committee headed by Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa finalises its recommendations for allowances for government employees, including an increase in the house rent allowance (HRA). The panel is expected to submit its recommendations next week but there are indications that the change in allowances may not take place immediately.
“The revised pension scheme has been finalised and the government has postponed a decision due to the code of conduct for Delhi municipal elections. The cabinet may clear it next week,” said a source, who did not wish to be identified.
The pay panel had recommended an increment-linked pension formula along with the option for multiplying the pension based on the six pay commission’s recommendations by 2.57. To quickly implement the suggestions, the government opted for the second option as the increment-linked pension model was seen to be difficult to implement. This has created a situation where those who retired by December 31, 2015 are receiving a lower pension compared to someone who retired a month later. For instance, someone who retired as a secretary before January 2016 is getting a pension of Rs 1.02 lakh compared to Rs 1.12 lakh for someone who retired at the end of the month.
Now, the government is looking at two options — one is to move to a new “modified parity-plus” formula, which links the pension to the salary drawn by someone who is at the same rank. The other is a formula based on the multiple of the sixth pay commission-based pension. A sources said the factor of 2.57 is also being changed to make the pension more attractive. “Basically, there will be two options for a pensioner and the formula that ensures a higher payout to the seniors will be given,” explained a source.

MCD चुनावों के बाद पेंशनरों के लिए जारी होगा 5,000 करोड़ का पैकेज

सिद्धार्थ, नई दिल्ली
दिल्ली में रविवार को होने वाले एमसीडी चुनाव के बाद सरकार पेंशनरों के लिए 5,000 करोड़ रुपये के पैकेज को मंजूरी दे सकती है।सरकार 7वें पे कमिशन से जुड़ी चिंताओं को दूर करते हुए केंद्रीय कर्मचारियों और वरिष्ठ नागरिकों के लिए यह कदम उठाने की तैयारी में है। संशोधित पेंशन के मसले को केंद्रीय कैबिनेट के समक्ष पेश किया जाएगा, इसके अलावा केंद्रीय कर्मियों से जुड़े 3 से 4 अन्य मुद्दों पर भी चर्चा होगी। इससे पहले वित्त सचिव अशोक लवासा की अध्यक्षता वाली कमिटी भी सरकारी एंप्लॉयीज के लिए अलाउंसेज को मंजूरी दे चुकी है। इसमें हाउस रेंट अलाउंस में इजाफा भी शामिल है।

माना जा रहा है कि पैनल की ओर से अगले सप्ताह तक अपनी सिफारिशें सरकार को सौंपी जा सकती हैं। हालांकि इस बात के संकेत हैं कि अलाउंसेज में तत्काल कोई बदलाव नहीं होगा। नाम उजागर न करने की शर्त पर एक सूत्र ने बताया, 'पेंशन में संशोधन की स्कीम फाइनल की जा चुकी है, लेकिन एमसीडी चुनावों के चलते सरकार ने इसे स्थगित कर दिया है। कैबिनेट की ओर से अगले सप्ताह तक इसे मंजूरी दी जा सकती है।'

वेतन आयोग ने सरकार को इंक्रीमेंट लिंक्ड पेंशन फॉर्म्युला दिया था, इसके अलावा छठे पे कमिशन की सिफारिशों में 2.57 गुना इजाफे की बात कही थी। सरकार ने इसमें से दूसरे फॉर्म्युले को मंजूरी दी है। इसके तहत 31 दिसंबर, 2015 को रिटायर होने वाले शख्स को एक महीने बाद रिटायर होने वाले व्यक्ति की तुलना में कम पेंशन मिलेगी। मान लीजिए कोई एंप्लॉयी जनवरी 2016 से पहले सेक्रटरी के पद से रिटायर होता है तो उसे 1.02 लाख रुपये की पेंशन मिलेगी, लेकिन महीने के अंत में रिटायर होने वाले को 1.12 लाख रुपये मिलेंगे।

अब सरकार के पास दो विकल्प है- पहला है 'मोडिफाइड पैरिटी प्लस' फॉर्म्युला, जिसे एक ही रैंक के एंप्लॉयी द्वारा उठाई जा रही सैलरी से जोड़ा जाएगा। वहीं, दूसरा फॉर्म्युला छठे वेतन आयोग की पेंशन में 2.57 गुना इजाफे का है। सूत्र ने बताया कि पेंशन को लेकर फॉर्म्युले हैं, लेकिन जिससे पेंशनर्स को ज्यादा लाभ होगा, उसे मंजूर किया जाएगा।
(Source : ET hindi )


  1. please be very specific central goverment employees becomes a very big catagery these are the ploy undertaken by our elected govt, there is no mention it includes armed forces. orop is getting implimented to civilians and ur enhancement will be in 2019 its the truth. any doubts please get updated.

  2. The new formula of pension fixation, even if implemented, is not going to affect we PBOR. Why? Since post 1.1.2016 retirees are still governed by old scales (6 CPC), how can pre-2016 retirees opt for Modified parity with post 2016 retirees? So. we should hold our horses till new scales are decided for the men in uniform. It is then & then only, the new formula may (yes may) benefit we PBOR

  3. Does this mean nfu for organised gp a officers is being withdrawn? As far gp b and c, has the rank equivalence defined? If yes, the pension for rank held at retirement is justified, subject to equitable pay and rank progression.

  4. Let's hope +ive. But if we look back then we clearly see that any welfare pgme involving AF does not come through easily for us. Not to go too back, just see 6th CPC with numerous unresolved anamolies, long fought OROP which doesnt have any issue but a issue is made out of non issue and given to OMJC which gave it's findings with recommendations six months back but file tasting sweet dust of MOD, fate not known. Take 7th CPC for serving Fauzis,given to Anamolies Committee and fate not yet known and causing much much resentment amongst all Jawans. Take Disability Pension calculation Methodology, again simple issue made complicated and again given to Anamolies Committee, when its result will come out, ooperwala Jane, Now take this NFU issue, this is also gone to Honable SC. Wish Judiciary rescues AF. Is it not strange to see that every simple issue benefitting AF is made an issue and given to either some Committee or contested in Honable SC. Hope good sense prevails with MOD and SHQ and unnecessary hurtburns/resentment being caused to Veterans,Windows and Serving Personnel are avoided.

  5. How much time should take place for pension arrears payment s

  6. Def person fight for orop gain got civilian.woh सरकार.