Thursday, November 16, 2017

One Request! ....Kindly have patience!

The DAV had advised all Air Force pensioners to forward their option forms for reopening of their pension cases subsequent to the issue of the letter about the implementation of the recommendations of the 7PCC. 

Many of you have already already sent these through the emails, while others have sent their forms through India post along with the required attachments. The DAV has published lists of the people whose forms have been received and this can be seen on their website. These lists are being revised every Friday.

Once posted, most of you have been calling up the DAV telephone number to confirm the receipt thus literally jamming up all their numbers.

All the mails/ the emails, received are being processed and hard copies getting placed in individual files. Some cases cannot be processed for lack of correct documents.

Please ensure that you have actually sent these documents (hard copies) as enclosures (self attested photo copies) with the signed option form:-

-Your own and your spouse's Aadhar cards (both sides),

- the PAN cards for both of you,

-a crossed out blank cheque leaf connected with your pension bank account ,

- your initial PPO where the name of your wife is duly appended or a corrigendum PPO which you may have received incorporating any corrections that you may have asked for post your retirement,

This whole exercise is a massive task and the pensioners are requested to have patience.

The AFA is closely monitoring the progress and and further development will be duly reported through these pages.


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