Thursday, January 4, 2018

Defence officers on a TOI news trip, fly sorties into world of journalism :: Interact With Journos, Get An Insight Of The Newsroom

Hyderabad:Taking a break from their usual routine & starched uniform, a team of distinguished defence personnel visited the newsroom of The Times of India, Hyderabad on Wednesday, to experience the operational workflow of the media house. The team comprising 60 senior officers – Colonels, Group Captains and Captains–took a tour around the TOI office premises, stopping by to interact with journalists, photographers and graphic designers, during the two-hour session.

The visit was organised as part of the media capsule of the Higher Air Command Course that these officers are currently undergoing at the Secunderabad-based College of Air Warfare.

Air Force, Navy and Army officials interact with Times of India journalists at the Hyderabad office on Wednesday. They were struck by a thread of similarity in the exigency, alacrity and stiff deadlines of a newsroom

Hearteningly, despite their high ranks, every member of the team displayed a great level of enthusiasm as they went about curiously trying to study the production process of a newspaper. That apart, the memorable evening was also marked with a lively exchange of ideas and discussions as the officers seamlessly bonded with the editorial staffers over coffee and conversation. Not only did they keenly observe the functioning of the English daily, but the officers also showed great interest in knowing more about the lives and lifestyles of employees working for the organisation.

“This has been a very exciting trip. So far we only read the newspaper not knowing how it is all put together. Beginning tomorrow, I think we will read the paper more closely,” said one of the officers, even as many around him nodded in agreement.

There were some constructive suggestions too that the team members put forth. One among them said:“Just like how we visited a media house, I think even members of media should visit our institutions so that there is a healthy understanding of how each of these very important establishments function. Unless we encourage such interactions, our knowledge of these professions will remain limited.”

On a lighter note, the two groups exchanged notes on the many commonalities that exist between them, including long working hours, work-life imbalance and stress. Some even helped each other with tips on dealing with the same.

“In all, the knowledge that the officers garnered from this trip is certain to benefit them immensely. It will help them with future appointments and in understanding the media better, which is a known force multiplier,” said Wing Commander Anupam Banerjee, Public Relations Officer, Indian Air Force, who accompanied the team.

(Source- TOI, Hyderabad)

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