Monday, July 29, 2019


Dear All Veterans

1.         The next hearing of OROP Case in Hon’ble Supreme Court is on 06 Aug 2019. IESM team is ready with strong arguments to present veterans' case. IESM has had a meeting with Honourable RM Sh Raj Nath Singh on 1 July 2019 and explained the anomalies of OROP. However no solution has come from MOD so for. 
2.        You are all aware that CGDA is attempting to put a spoke in OROP by quoting a false information that present day retirees of 2018/2019 are getting less pension than old retirees (post OROP) of 2013/2014. MOD counsel is likely to extend this argument in HSC on 6 Aug. This needs to be countered in following ways. 
        (a)    Legally it is not possible to reduce pay of any Government employee, hence if pension of 2018/19 retirees is less than pension of 2013/14 retirees that means that pay of 2018/19 employees of any rank is less than pay given to 2013/14 employees of similar rank with similar years of service. This means that present day employees of 2018/19 are getting less pay than what they deserve and hence it can be challenged. However if there is an isolated case because of some special reason that can be explained. But it cannot be quoted as an example to deny past retirees their genuine dues. 
        (b)        IESM will be able to call bogie of CGDA with  EPPO (of 2013/14 and earlier and also of 2018/19) in our hand to convince HSC that CGDA/DESW/MOD are attempting to deny genuine dues to Armed Forces Personnel by misquoting the information to HSC. These PPOs are not available with us as of now. 
(3)        IESM has also read the interpretation of Brig Vidyasagar and is in agreement with him that CGDA is attempting to cancel already approved OROP rather than equalising it in July 2019 as per Govt letter dated 7 Nov 2015.
(4)        Veterans are aware that IESM plea is that five year equalisation is not acceptable as it is putting past retirees at loss for five years and hence equalisation must be done every year. 

IESM therefore needs these PPOs to strengthen our arguments for hearing on 6 Aug. 
In view of above all veterans are requested to send PPOs ( 2012/13/14 and 2018/19 period)

With regards,                                           
 Yours Sincerely,

Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd)                                                            
Advisor United Front of Ex Servicemen &                                                
Chairman Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM)                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Mobile: 9312404269, 01244110570                                                           

(Source -Via e-mail) 

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