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On 01 Jul 19, IESM delegation met Honourable RM Sh Rajnath Singh. Following members were part of delegation.

1. Maj Gen Satbir Singh SM, Chairman IESM
2. Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM, Vice Chairman IESM
3. Wg Cdr Vinod Nebb Vr C & bar
4. Col RD Sharma
5. Cdr SS Ahuja Gen Sec IESM
6. Hony Lt K Pandey jt SEC IESM
7. Mrs Sudesh Goyat

The meeting started at 1615. Gen Satbir Singh congratulated RM for victory in elections by BJP and his taking charge of a very important Ministry. The delegation appreciated the good work done by the Govt in last 5 yrs and wished that India will grow in all fields under this Govt.

Gen Satbir Singh then explained that IESM delegation had met him on 6 Sep 2013 at his residence in which he had promised full OROP. Shri Rajnath Singhji was BJP party President in 2013.

He further explained that NDA Govt had approved OROP in 2014 but it had some anomalies. These have not been rectified so for and IESM delegation has come to meet RM with lot of expectation that Sh Rajnath Singhji as RM would definitely correct these anomalies. 

Gp Capt VK Gandhi then explained that because of fixing basic pensions of past pensioners at mean of pensions of 2013 has resulted in past soldiers getting less pension of around Rs 4500/less than a soldier retiring in 2019 and a widow is getting around Rs 2500/less. And secondly 5 year equalisation has resulted in many disadvantages to past pensioners. These are

(a) Past pensioners will get less pension for five years. 

(b) Past pensioners have not been given full reward of 7 CPC as pension of past pensioners pension as on 2013 has been multiplied with 2.57 to arrive at pension post 7 CPC whereas pension of past pensioners should have been updated to 31 Dec 2015 before multiplying with 2.57. This has resulted in financial loss to all ranks. 

(b) Advantage of removal 33 yr rule has not been passed to past pensioners. 

(c) Equalisation after five yrs will again result in basic of past pensioners being fixed at mean of 2018. Resulting in loss to them.

(d) Col & Brig tank officers were not given advantage of 2.67 multiplication factor which was given to present pensioners. This was denied on the ground that it will be given in next equalisation that is 2019. 

Gp Capt Gandhi further explained that Past pensioners are not demanding yearly increments as is being propagated by some officials.

IESM is only requesting for bridging the gap between past pensioners and present pensioners. Past pensioners will be ever thankful to NDA Govt if their pensions are fixed at par with pensioners who are retiring today. 

Gp Capt Gandhi requested that next date for hearing in HSC for our petition is 06 Aug and hoped that RM will find solutions to the anomalies for OROP. 

Gen Satbir Singh volunteered that IESM will be ready to take back 22000 medals deposited with the President of India as a mark of protest on assurance of RM that our anomalies would be rectified. 

Wg Cdr Vinod Nebb explained that he had met Honourable PM Sh Narendra Modiji in a function and had requested for war memorial for Armed Forces and for declaration of 16 Dec as victory day for INDIA. He thanked the Govt for the magnificent war memorial at India Gate and requested that 16 Dec be declared as victory day in India. 

Mrs Sudesh Goyat explained following problems of widows:

1. There is a gap of almost six months for widows to start getting their pension on demise of their husband (pensioner). Provisional Pension should start immediately and can be adjusted later but should not take more than three months. 

2. Widow of a deceased serving soldier be given a service quarter till completion of service tenure of her husband. 

3. DESW and DAV must have women members with authority who can listen to problems of widows and provide swift solutions. 

Gp Capt Gandhi then requested that unnecessary controversy has been created by Govt to discontinue IT exemption for superannuated soldiers on disability pension. 

RM explained that this is instruction has been issued by Min of Fin and not by MoD. However he will look into it. 

Honourable RM heard patiently all the issues and wanted to understand the complications. 

He assured the delegation that he will do everything to raise the morale of Armed Forces. 

He assured that he will have replies to all problems and will confirm action taken in our next meeting. 

ESM delegation thanked RM and expressed that we have come to him with lot of hope that he would definitely remove anomalies on OROP. 

Date for next meeting would be fixed soon. 


Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Vice Chairman IESM 
1 July 2019

(Source : Via e-mail from BB Ghai Veteran)

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