Thursday, October 1, 2020

Update on OROP case hearing in HSC as on 01 Oct 20

 OROP case in HSC was listed at S no 26 in virtual court 4 in SC in the court of

1. Justice Dr YV Chandrachud
2. Justice Indrani Bannerjee
Our side was represented by
1. Mr Hujefa Ahmadi SR lawyer
2. Mr Balaji Srinivasan AOR
3. Mr Arunava Mukherjee lawyer
4. M/s Garima Jain lawyer
5. MAJ Gen Satbir Singh IESM
6. GP Capt VK Gandhi. IESM

GOI was represented by
1. Mr N Venkatraman ASG
2. Mr Narasiman. ASG
2. M/s Priyanka lawyer

Our turn came at 1330h, ASG Mr N Venkatraman requested the court that this is a very important case and Govt has submitted a consolidated Affidavit as per direction of the court. He further requested that Attorney General of India would like to argue this case but he is not available today and hence a date may be given by the HSC.

Justice YV Chandrachud accepted the request of ASG and gave a short date of 28 Oct 2020 Wednesday. He further stated that we will have final arguments on next date and decide this issue.

ASG Mr Narasimhan put across the point that 75% of defence budget is earmarked for pay and pensions. He further stated that comparison charts given by petitioners are not correct.

Mr Hujefa our lawyer strongly put across that the consolidated affidavit submitted by GOI confirms that Govt has given one rank many pensions (ORMP) in place of OROP. Mr Hujefa confirmed that charts submitted by petitioners are correct and we will prove it in next hearing. Mr Hujefa further stated that a great injustice is being done by Govt to veterans by not fulfilling OROP in its true spirit.

Mr Balaji Srinivasan requested that petitioners may be permitted to file a reply to consolidated affidavit of GOI. Justice Dr Chandrachud accepted this request and ordered that reply may be filed by 21 Oct.

Next date for hearing in HSC is 28 Oct 2020 Wednesday.

Vice Chairman IESM.
01 Oct 2020.

(Source : Col NK Balakrishnan (Retd) via gp e-mail)

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