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Armed Forces Tribunal inaugurated - 08 AUG 09

07 AUG 2009

The men in uniform will have another reason to cheer when their long-pending demand for justice becomes a reality with the launch of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) tomorrow. Befitting the momentous occasion, the long-awaited tribunal will be inaugurated by the President Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil.

Set up by an Act of parliament in December, 2007, the Armed Forces Tribunal will have its Principal Bench in New Delhi and eight regional benches spread across the country. The Tribunal will have 15 courts in all, - three each in New Delhi, Chandigarh and Lucknow and one each in Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai and Kochi.

Aggrieved armed forces personnel will now be able to appeal against sentences handed down by the court-martial. The Tribunal will also have powers to grant bail to any person in military custody. It is expected to be functional soon once the government issues the relevant notification. The AFT will provide a judicial forum for redressal of grievances of about a 1.3 million strong armed forces personnel and another 1.2 million Ex-Servicemen. At present about 9,000 such cases are pending before various courts across the country, most of them with the high courts. The AFT will not only result in speedy and affordable justice to the men in uniform but also save the Armed Forces’ resources in terms of manpower, material and time. The decisions of the AFT can be challenged only in the Supreme Court.

The Tribunal will have a Chairperson who has been or is a judge of the Supreme Court or Chief Justice of a high court. Justice AK Mathur, a former judge of the Supreme Court, has been appointed the AFT’s first Chairperson and has assumed charge since Sep.01, 2008. Besides, each court consists of a judicial member and an administrative member. There will be in all 30 members in the 15 courts of the nine AFT benches, - 15 judicial including the Chairperson, and an equal number of administrative members. The judicial member must be, or have been, a judge of a High Court while the administrative member would be officers of the rank of Major General or equivalent in either of the three Services or an officer not less than the rank of a Brigadier or equivalent who has rendered not less than one year service as the Judge Advocate General of the Army, Navy or Air Force.

The government has already appointed eight judicial members and 15 administrative members, while seven judicial members are yet to be named. The eight judicial members appointed to the Tribunal alongwith the location of the bench are: - Justice AK Mathur (Chairperson, AFT, Principal Bench, New Delhi, Justice Manak Lall Mohta (New Delhi), Justice Ghanshyam Prasad (Chandigarh), Justice Janardhan Sahai (Lucknow – yet to join), Justice SS Kulshrestha (Lucknow), Justice Bhanwaroo Khan (Jaipur), Justice AC Arumugaperumal Adityan (Chennai) and Justice K Padmanabhan Nair (Kochi). The 15 administrative members are: Lt. General ML Naidu, Lt Gen. ZU Shah and Lt. Gen. SS Dhillon (all New Delhi bench), Lt. Gen. Amrik Singh Bahia, Lt Gen. HS Panag and Lt. Gen. NS Brar (all Chandigarh bench), Lt. Gen. PR Gangadharan, Lt. Gen. RK Chhabra and Lt. Gen. BS Sisodia (all Lucknow bench), Lt. Gen. Susheel Gupta (Jaipur), Vice Admiral RF Contractor (Mumbai), Lt. Gen. Madan Gopal (Kolkata), Commodore Mohan Phadke (Guwahati), Lt. Gen. S Pattabhiraman (Chennai) and Lt. Gen. Thomas Mathew (Kochi).



  1. Many Retd. Lt. Gen and Major Gen. are posted in AFT. But ,it is like a "Tiger handed over the Goat to Lion" for junior Army Officers who are waiting these decsion wrong dismissal from Army services.



  3. I my self Prem Kumar EX CPO got retired from Indian Navy on 31 July 09 and appeared for the interview on 19 Jan 09 for the post of ACIO II for ex service after the 26/11.

    As delay in my retirement bureau from G1 section Mr Thakur told me along with other 06 some of them got selected in Feb 09 that after getting retired you can come and collect letter.
    In the month of Aug when we made approach to bureau their reply was shocking>They told there is no vaccancy for ex serviceman.Them I told that I already got selected than he disconnected the phone.Then I along with other sailor write a letter to Indian Naval plcement and bureau and every one agin trying to making call and written so many e mail to INPA.In the month of August my self and Manish Kumar EX MCERA personnely went their and spoken to G! to Mr Thakur he told your case has been taken up to higher authority.
    And we wrote many letters to bureau and phone call to be taken out we can give our telephone no and no which was given by G1 Mr Thakut for reference.
    In the month of Dec 09 Bureau send us a letter that we are not selected just appeared for the interview.

    We are in position to provide evidence of sailors who appered for the interview along with us.

    please take out the phone detail if we are not selected why thaey have not told us in the month of July when we made approach.

    After 23 yrs of diciplined service can we do like this and keep on saying that we selected.

    please do the fornsics investigation of result.

    About me I am experts in information security experts and ethical hacking in present sceniro hacking is very inportant aspect in intelligence agency.
    I got 3 yrs experience in NAval intelligence and same way experience in ethical hacking and crried out various experience.

  4. UNJUSTICE BY intelligence Bureau for the post of ACIO II EXE for ex service man interview held on 19 Jan 09 and Feb 09.

    I am Prem Kumar EX CPO RP I retired from Navy on 31 July 09. I appeared for the interview above said post on 19 Jan 09 my serial no ws 302.

    As I retired on 31 st July 09 I made approach to bureau office at 35 SP Marg G1 Section to Mr Thakur on telephone no 011-24191372.His reply was there is no vaccancy for exerviceman.Than I told him i alredy selected he disconned the phone.Even in the month of Mar 09 Manish Kumar MCERA send his medical document nd other docoument.

    Then I along with 06 others who also selected and there retirement was in the month of June to Jan 10 written letter to bureau and letters and email to Indian Naval placement agency.Indian Naval placement agency said that we dont have any any thing you please contact to bureau.Then we wrote letter to Bureau.

    In the month of Sep 09 Manish kumar EX MCERA and my self visited the bureau office at 35 sp marg and spoken to G1 section to Mr Thakur he daid your file hs been put uo for higer authority approval.Plese ask bureau for phone call from July 09 to Dec 09 on above sid no if you want i can provide others and my mobilr no also.

    In the month of Dec 09 i received latter from bureau that I appeared for interview and i was not selected.If it was like that why they have not informed us and Manish Kumar send his docoument why they hve not reply same time.

    As I am having 03 yrs experience in Naval intelligence and expert in inmormation security and ethical hacking.My qualification can help the country in present sceniro as i donein Naval intelligence.

    Reason for not issuing us letter from Army some body file case on bureau.

    Some admin problem took place those who already join may be for transfer accomodation policy or in promotion policy.because 26/11 attack condition was under control and they without catering us they cancelled this policy.

    Prem Kumar

  5. I am a ex-serviciceman and my number is 1024407, army board out me with e-eee categery and not giving pension, i have apply agains this in aft, do i applicable for pension with E-EEE,plz reply me at

  6. i am going to retire on 31 jul 10,i wnt to know ,can i apply for 10+2 post.i had joined navy as a matric recruit and i will get graduate equivalent certificate after retirement.if i can apply then which percentage basis they will select,whwther is it matric or some thing other.pls email me on-

  7. I was board out on medical grounds on 8 oct 1982 with cat E but without any pension.Can I file a petition in AFT now.Plz advise.