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AirforceAssociation India 8:53pm Apr 20
Why Must You Remain In Touch ?
People retire young from the Armed Forces and immediately after retirement the race begins to do better than before and earn bigger money. A Veteran is really happy, that his dues from the Services have been credited into his Bank Account; regular pension has started and as some may feel-What? No more wearing of the uniform?

 Alas! Life is not so simple.

 It's only much later people realise that how they have lost out on so many things just because they thought they had burnt their bridges with their Service.

 Take the case of an old veteran whose wife,age 70 years, learnt about the AFA from her friends on the Facebook. The Veteran himself is bed ridden and the wife on contacting the AFA realised that the pension received by her veteran husband is almost a third of his present entitlement. She obviously had no clue that they should have been receiving revised PPOs and that they must get a pension slip from their Bank. They had not been paid any arrears for the revision in their pensions. She did not understand the complications she will have to face just because they do not have a joint bank account. All these years, when they thought they had had enough of their Service, they denied themselves and their children all the benefits which various agencies provide to a veteran. They also missed out on the news from their Brothers In Uniform. Loneliness in older age is killing and it dawns very late on people that they had themselves chosen to cut this very important umbilical chord.

 For Some of the veterans who are exceptionally lucky this may still be unsolicited advice, but it is our considered opinion that keeping in touch is in every veteran's self interest.

 Please ask your friends to get in touch, become members of the AFA and Yes!

Definitely guide your spouses about what to do in cases of your own becoming disabled or otherwise.

 Air Force Association India will always be available to help you out whether you become a member or not.

 Please write to us at our email address: -<>.

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