Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Achiever Air Veterans

AirforceAssociation India 8:24pm Apr 19

 Periodically, we have been reading about the achievements of our colleagues who, after retirement, have found suitable jobs in the Public sectors or have got into very prestigious jobs with the Government in the Centre or in different States.
The Indian Air Force does not, really, train us for the world of Business. But there have to be success stories among the Air Veterans who have set up their own enterprises or business establishments and have succeeded in their ventures. Some of you may have even employed large/small number of ex-servicemen in your establishments.
Your Success stories are essentially the success of the life that you have lived while in the uniform. Your Association would like to share your stories with the world. Please do write about your achievements and tell us how the life in the IAF has helped you to attain these heights.
Please send such write ups to <>. Please note that your write-ups about your selves are important to us. We would try and add your stories in our forthcoming edition of the 'Eagle's Eye' alternatively these stories will be posted on the FB. Messages uploaded by the AFA do reach over 40-50 thousand readers.
The world is waiting to know about you !!!

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