Monday, October 19, 2015

A letter to the PM -One Rank One Pension - By Shalini.

Dear Mr.Prime Minister, 

For Your Information Sir. 

A war widow at the age of 78 has to walk 18 km every month to collect her martyr husband’s pension of Rs .13/- (Rupees Thirteen only). The Freedom Fighters of Colonial India and their widows get a better pension than what is given to the Retired Military population. Even the laborers could get their daily wages hiked with time but the war widow stands where her husband left her. Have we lost all dignity, sense of respect and basic common sense for humanity? Where are we? Rs 13/- as monthly pension and a Kg of onion, Rs 50/-. For God’s sake……. Do we still need to talk ? 

Our Flag does not hover because the wind moves it, it flutters with the last breath of each soldier who died and with each breath of the soldier who lives protecting it. You don’t get to deliver a speech on the Independence Day just because you are the PM, it is because of the human shield that sweats and freezes throughout the prime of their lives. 

One speech you made to the tens of thousands Ex-Servicemen at Hissar, where you committed to implement One Rank One Pension (OROP), if elected, allowing you to tap into the vote bank of the services - retired, in-service, war widows and of course their families. You should dedicate your present electoral victory to the Services. Was it just voting bank politics, Sir? Gen VK Singh (Retd) stood testimony to your promise and more than you the personnel’s believed their Gen who is now a part of your Govt. Let the men not lose faith on their roaring Gen and let your politics not make him a scapegoat please. 

Mr. Pradhan Sevak of the country. as you proclaim yourself to be, kindly refrain from politicizing the Services, the only Deptt committed to the country and its people. High time you and your team including your squad of so called highly efficient bureaucrats save yourself from the mockery you have brought on your kindselves. 

Let's try solving the issues.

  • If budget is an issue, reduce some of the frills that the politicians and the bureaucrats enjoy sitting in air conditioned offices with all the luxury possibly available.
  • If you are afraid that other retired from Govt services will claim for the same then let them commit one child per family to the Indian Military. A great way to make up for the shortage of Defense personnel. Let us make national service a must in the country. A stronger Military with more head counts is never bad. 
  • If that is still difficult, please esteemed politicians and  bureaucrats get yourself back packed and perched in Kargil, Jaisalmer, Cherrapunji, Tawang, Siachin or in the Arabian Sea for a month each  with the men, like the men and then let’s do some talking. 

Let there be some humility and respect by the Govt and the Police force while managing our Military veterans at peaceful protest with utmost dignity. When you fail to discharge your duties efficiently, that has often happened, be it a natural disaster or an internal security issue; the only alternate available is the forces for help. They did and have come to your rescue without fail. Our neighbours have a very drastic history of Military Coups since 1958 & have been successful thrice in doing so. Let’s not forget we have an active force of 1325000 personnel, with approximately 60K retiring each year. Let’s us not create conducive environment for more trouble within the country. 

The Military of the country cannot be taken on a ride for votes and then just left. High time seriousness be taken on the mature and highly sensitive  protest that is going on at the Jantar Mantar and India Gate for two months now. The men there have served selflessly be it insurgency, internal security issues, disaster mitigation without any reservations. They have been decorated for their gallant and then just forgotten …not acceptable. 

Mr. PM, please shun talks - time to act and show and prove that what the Congress failed and kept washing their hands off has finally been given life by you.  

Let the slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ echo till eternity and your name be added to it. Let the soldiers remain to be our pride.

Jai Hind.  Jai Jawan. 


Shalini. A citizen of the country.

A proud daughter of a proud Artillery Veteran 

The concept – One Rank One Pension (OROP) 

"bridging the gap between the rate of pension of the current pensioners and the past pensioners, and also future enhancements in the rate of pension to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners. In armed forces, equality in service has two components, namely, rank and length of service. The importance of rank is inherent in armed forces as it has been granted by the President of India and signifies command, control and responsibility in consonance with ethos of service. These ranks are even allowed to be retained by the individual concerned after his/her retirement. Hence, two armed personnel in the same rank and equal length of service should get same pension irrespective of date of retirement and any future enhancement in rates of pension be automatically passed on to the past pensioners."
  1. In largest democracy, there is NO place for Justice...Fighting seems to be only solution.
  2. So, let us fight. Why hold rallies and fast for these bums? Give them hell as other pressure groups do. Gentlemanly methods work with Brits, not with crooked Indian politicians.
    1. Sir, I am with you. Regards Tomy Mani
    2. Excellent write up indian polition is mostly from lowest rung of society and his morals are very low. The Babus are the most cunning lot.They combind make a deadly team.They only plan nd work for their own selves nd not even for their COUNTRY.We will have to fight to get our Rights.
    3. A very well expressed and correctly put letter. Hope the PM has some shame. Just because armed forces do not want to go on strike you can not ignore their rights for 40 years that they have waited
    4. Thank you Ms. Shalini, a brave daughter of our defence family writing in support of OROP and veterans fraternity. God bless you and our troops.
    5. Yes. Victory to the veterans.
    6. Thanks for supporting us in respect of OROP. May God bless you.
    7. A great message to Indian PM, will he listen?
  3. Your letter will not go in vain The nation will wake up and fight for our cause
  4. We all veterans compliment you for taking up our cause.God bless you.
  5. We should make all the above facts known to public. We should use newspapers, blogspot, local newspapers, debates & so on . We are shocked how faujis were being treated so far & still we have not learnt. We never thought that we have been fooled by politicians & beaurcrates all these years.

    Please do not invite political.. & beaur.... For any function in the units, messed, social get togther. All of us do our little bit in any way do that we are respected in all respects.
  6. I personally compliment u on taking up such a noble cause. Shame on this country and our politicians. All of them have lost have lost their moral ground to rule us. They take Indian Army as holy cow but should remember that cow too has two horns.....
  7. I agree that we need to respect our veterans who have assured us free air to breathe. I salute them and want that they get their dues
  8. Veterans are not begging for a favour. They simply want justice. Why was their pension reduced by 28.5 % one year after winning 71 war? And why was the bureaucrats' pension increased by 51.5 % at the same time?
    And why is every Bureaucrat getting indirect OROP and highest grade pay through NFU ( non functional upgradation ) when only . 0.7 of the military gets it?
    How do you justify so much of degradation of the military over the years?
    Who is stopping the PM to implement OROP as per the definition accepted by two parliaments?
  9. एक रैंक एक पेंशन : एक सैनिंक का दर्द

    खून से लथपथ भीगा बदन जब,  तिरंगा ओढ़ के आता है द्धार ,
    तब लफ़्ज़ों की बौछारें , तमगों की बिसातें, अखबार की सुर्ख़ियों में, गली गली
    नुक्कड़ चाय से लेकर सितारों तक  तेरी ही गुफ्तगू
    स्कूल से लेकर हमारी सोच की हदों तक, भाव भीनी श्रद्धांजलि …… .

    क्या है ये सब ? दिखावा ? ढकोसला ? उस बूढी माँ की कोख को तिलांजलि !
    या उस बेवा की बेरंग जिंदगी को झूठी तसल्ली !
    भोली मासूम आँखों वाले बच्चे के सामने इक झूठी मिसाल ?

    क्या माँगा है इन वृद्ध अवकाशप्राप्त योद्धाओं ने ? एक रैंक एक पेंशन …

    क्या हैं हम ?  क्यों हैं हम ? कैसे चैन से सांसें चल रही हैं हमारी
    कौन है वो जो रातों की नींद गंवाकर ,बियावान सन्नाटे को चीरकर ,
    हमें सुकून की जिंदगी दे रहा है ,जब वक़्त है उसके भी जीने का,
    अपने सपने पूरे करने का, अठरह बरस की कच्ची उम्र में हमारा प्रहरी बन बैठा है
    हमारे लिए जब वो रक्त से अभिभूत है उन रातों का, उन अधूरे सपनों का ,
    क्या हम कोई मोल लगा सकते हैं ? नहीं। ....

    हफ्ते की थकान पर वीकेंड मनाते हम, और वो अनवरत अपनी ड्यूटी पर....
    हमें खुला आसमां देने के वास्ते। अपने सुनहले जज़्बातों को कड़ी रंजिशों में जलाने के बाद,
    जब वो घर लौटे तो हाथ में तसल्ली के भरोसे तो, नैया पार नहीं लगती।

    उसका कतरा कतरा वसूल जाने पर भी संतोष और सुकून नहीं ,
    सिर्फ २६ जनवरी और १५ अगस्त ही क्योँ, सिर्फ बाढ़ और हाईजैक ही क्यों ,
    आतंक का एक कहर बरपा नहीं कि सेना, दंगे-फसाद हुए नहीं कि सेना,
    बच्चा बोरवेल में गिरा नहीं कि सेना, बूम की एक आवाज़ चहारदीवारी में सिमटा देती है हमें
    और वो हर रोज़ मौत का कफ़न बाँध घूम रहा है,  कहीं सीमा पर
    कहीं अपने लड़ाकू विमान पर कहीं युद्धपोत पर ,
    वो लालची क्यों और कैसे ?

    प्रश्न है आपसे हमसे ? एक क्षण उनकी जिंदगी को आसबाब करके देखो,
    उन दिनों और उन लम्हों का एक जर्रा भी लौटा सकते हो क्या ? उस बेवा का सुहाग लौटा सकते हो क्या ?
    उस बच्चे का आदर्श लौटा सकते हो क्या ?उस वृद्ध योद्धा का यौवन लौटा सकते हो क्या ?

    मेरे शब्दों और पन्नों की बिसात नहीं  कि उस चुभन और दर्द को उकेर सकूँ।
    बस राख ही जानता है जलने का दर्द तीलियाँ ही जानतीं हैं सुलगने की सज़ा।

    १९४७ से आजतक पतन और हनन होता रहा सेना के मान का , सम्मान का ,
    सरकार और लाल-फीताशाही में उलझ चुकी है देशभक्ति। भारत वर्ष में कभी राजा सेना का नेतृत्व करता था
    राजा खुद एक योद्धा था अब न तो राजा योद्धा है  और न ही योद्धा का सम्मान है।

    कैसी सियासत , कैसी कौम जो देश के जवानों पर  उनकी जिंदगियों और सपनों की कीमत पर भी
    सवाल और पैबंद लगा रही है हज़ारों करोड़ की संपत्ति गुजरात में सुलग गयी
    कोई प्रश्न नहीं , पर जहाँ सामर्थ्यवान होकर भी  अनुशासन, सत्ता का मान रखते हुए
    उपवास रखकर अपनी बात कही जा रही है तो सरोकार ही नहीं।

    और ये मुल्क , जो हर बात पे और मुल्कों की बातें किया करता है ,उदारहण लिया करता है ,
    जब बात आई वेटरन्स की  वो खामोश है हर तरफ सन्नाटा है
    अरे यहाँ भी दुसरे मुल्कों से ही सीख लें हम कि वेटरन्स का सम्मान कैसे होता है।

    अरे हमवतन साथियों
    साथ दो उन वेटरन्स का उन महा योद्धाओं का  रामायण महाभारत तो बस कहानियां हैं
    राम अर्जुन तो बस कल्पित पात्र हैं, ये तो हमारी हकीकत हैं , हमारा यथार्थ हैं।

    उनका गुजरे कल ने हमें ये आज दिया है जिंदगी में हमारे ये साज़ो साज़ दिया है
    अब वक़्त है कि कुछ हम करें उनके लिए  कि उनकी आँखों में जल पड़ें उम्मीद के दीये
    कि जिनकी सुरक्षा में उन्होनें किया जीवन अर्पण कम से कम उन्होंने तो समझ उनका दर्द।
    1. वाह भाई वाह....क्या खूब लिखा आपने
    2. Apka dard hriday ko chu Kar ek hi baat kaha raha hai.... aandolan
  10. The govt is Insensitive. This country doesn't deserve an army like the Indian arny. With the betryal by successive govt including the present one on OROP is worrisome and will lead to a situation of no return. Remember all serving soldier s will retire one day, and all of them feel let fown by the present definition of OROP. officers have already filed an RTI to find out exactly how much is it going to cist and who inserted the VRS clause.
  11. U see in OROP day by day different message. Poluticions are playing double game to make as fool. Now a days india is with politicions hand like kings rule. Congress have done drama specially sithambaram inOROP and then now jetly with modiji and parikkarji. They know how to make us fool. We can also come on politics but we did not earn as much as a politicion . Time is up comming to defeat such a political cheatters. Be aware on political cheaters.
  12. Modi is a lair & has not kept his promises announced during election time - a dictator whose remote is with RSS. SEHGAL. JAI HIND.
  13. Compliments to the lady for expressing her fervor and loyality to armed forces. Politicians understand Only one language :that of "vote bank"!! That is d Only currency that works with them. Media blackout, Political n beauracratic resistance, chetan bhagats, jaiteleys n rajvardhan rathores are fortunately working towards unifying veterans and serving class.. its just a matter of time.. All that needs to b done is remain "Unified" n keep up this tempo.. rest will follow. Jai Hind
  14. From the heart.The lady has spoken for every "Indian',the real 'India' lived in the village.
    One can not have 20, 000, take the country for a ride.( IAS, IPS, IFS,All MPs,and MLAs combined do not make ,20,000.-- mind you not all 20,000,are tainted, but the honest among them should stand up to be counted)
  15. Its sad that we are ruled by self serving politicians, guided by an unfeeling and an equally selfish bureaucracy and have a callous and an ungrateful nation. India doesn't deserve the Armed Forces that it has. Jai Hind!
  16. Raghubir Singh ShekhawatOctober 14, 2015 at 10:55 PM
    Very well written and articulated article.
    But in these days of SELF SERVING Politicians and Bureaucracy all these write ups and noises of SILENT protests seemingly fall only on blind and deaf mandarins.
  17. There is something wrong. Getting Rs 18 /- as a family pension by this widow is unbelievable. The DSSAboard & DDG Recruiting should look in to this case independently & sympathatically. Collect the details from the widow & take up a case to the records of bn / regt to which husband belong to. In variably the fault lies with officer cadre responsible for the system. She is entitled to Min pension which is certainly more thanRs 18 as stated by her. Please look in to the mtter & resolve irrespective of OROP promulgation. Thanx & regards.Brig PD Joshi ex DDG Rectg ( Punjab and J& K)
  18. Indicates a giant step in awakening and unifying all exservicrmen in our Country
  19. couldn't agree more with lady whose anguish is far more palpable....sad we trusted the govt 
  20. They will not listen to any protest or letters.....what matters is by Army pers in area of for who works....enmass voting by all army pers and family members..area of priority for the three services....all will then listen.
  21. V r the unfortunate soldiers serving a thankless population led by netas n babus.....except veterans n serving soldiers how many civilians have come in our support....dismal state...
  22. Thank you Shaliny for speaking up for veterans.we are greatful to you dear.
  23. Thanks for your bold article. We veterans can't even break the law, unlike other so called government servants. 
  24. A very well written article. My compliments to Shalini. This shoud be sent to all Ministers and the Babus. Also in all Newpapers. Full marks to Shalini. Regards.
  25. 4 months plus n at Jantar Mantar. So called nationalist govt with full support of nationalist RSS n outcome so far is zilch. Where is soul of this nation. Which leader or bureaucrat can occupy his/her chair if borders are not secure. We all can be slaves again but it won't matter for we are used to being slaves. Much more was and is expected of present govt which gave lots of hope to the nation as a whole. I hope it does not wither away on toxic atmosphere of power.
  26. Mr Narendrabhai it's high time. INDIAN soldier is still disciplined
  27. Where are the so called veterans in BJP
  28. Thanks to all my Heroes- The Veterans and The Men in Uniform.
    My support coninues.......
    Let us fight with our strength, not with
    other's weakness ,as true success lies in our efforts not in other's defeat.We will get what we want.
    Jai Hind....Jia Jawan
  29. With due regard to all my seniors, we continue to pass the buck and remain indecisive by lamenting about being fooled by politicians and bureaucrats. Grow up and grow a pair, or keep quiet. If we have been blind and silly enough for years, then we cant really blame the other person for not behaving according to our code of conduct. Life is not fair, and as defence personnel we have exploited every weakness of our enemies to get the upper hand. Well, now someone has exploited us for years. How is it possible that our aggression has been replaced by a defeatist attitude, and we have turned into irritating puppy dogs rolling over to get out belly tickled? Stop writing the history of OROP on every blog. We all know it by heart, and it serves no purpose, other than to assuage your guilt for not taking a more decisive step to get back what is rightfully yours.

    What are we going to do about it? Complain, as we are doing? Or take your well worn boot (with the 'naal keel') and make a permanent imprint on the backside of this bogus system, re-establish our legitimate rights, and then stop being complacent. Yes, the Indian soldier is disciplined. But now I think that he is also stupid. There is a time to be a good soldier, and salute smartly, and shout out 'Ji Sahib'. And there are times to be a 'bad soldier', and kick butt even within our own system, up or down. The need of the hour is for an intelligent soldier, and the fight is with injustice.

    I am tired of hearing big grown men crying, lamenting and shouting slogans in the hope of being heard by insensitive bureaucrats and politicians. You have won wars, for Gods sake. Grow a pair, get out and do something about it.

    Or keep quiet. I am sick of it.
    1. Thats what the babuz n politicians want sir
      Frustrate and dumb you ,thats their agenda....Let we not fall to it.
      Let us not be sick but as you have suggested let us stick around for good,patience pays.
    2. Thanks for the response. Babuz and politicians will do what they do... However, I meant that I am sick of the constant 'talking'. It took us almost 40 years to take a stand and protest. Now, three months later, we seem to be constantly whining about the injustice. Stop it.

      The protest got the attention we desired, but now its not delivering results on the same scale. We need to remain agile, and keep the system off balance. It should react to the veterans, rather than the other way around. If RHS and FUD is not getting the desired results, change strategy. Quickly.

      I don't agree about being patient. It has its place, but 40 years is long enough. It got us nowhere. Rather, the situation deteriorated.

      Paper tigers and sea lawyers have an important role to present the veterans as an active, vibrant, cohesive force to the public and the government. But they need a focused campaign. The social media is still accessible to us. Except for a few forwards, it lies dormant. What a waste of opportunity.

      Our strategy principally involves rallies of ex-servicemen, and a few back door talks. Really? This is going to our key to success??
  30. what is the meaning of your post.In democracy there is a legal channel and once diluted OROP is published we have a weapon and that is parliament approved OROP and not the diluted.If you are sick of it go and stay away from it and not make comments.I have a doubt that you are not a fauji
  31. Well written Shalini. , we all know that these polititions and the burocretes are only after money and r flurishing ,
    Hope we get a justice and it will reach the right ppl
  32. Compliments for the write up.OROP as accepted by the Parliament has to be accepted by the government of the day. It would not withstand a Judicial scrutiny.
    In my opinion its implementation has nothing to do with financial constraints or any of the Central Police Organization making similar claim & chain reaction being envisaged.
    The present ruling dispension wants to buttress their claim of Strong leadership for the domestic & international audience that a change has taken place in the country.
    No one has realised the impact of this phenomenon, it would change the political spectrum of the country & just matter of time.
  33. ग़रीबों की पैसा फ़ोजियों को देने की बात करके हमारे परधान मंतरी ने जो निरादर किया है,
    कया वह बता सकते हैं जो अरबों डालर वो मंगोलिया, फ़िलीसतीन और दूसरे देशों मे बांटते ़र रहे हैं, वो किसके पैसै हैं?
    देश के लिए अपना जीवन नयौछावर करने वालों को उनका हक देने पर मोदी जी का दिल दुखता है कयूंकि उनहें लगता है कि वह ग़रीबों से छीनकर अपने जवानों को दे रहे हैं।
    तो फ़िर जो पैसै वो अपने विदेशी दौरौं पर बांटते फ़िर रहे हैं, वो किसके हैं?
    और वो भी उन देशों को बांट रहे हैं जो कभी भारत के काम नहीं आ सकते।
    शरम आ रही है मुझे कि मैंने ऐसी घटिया सोच वाले वयकति को अपना कीमती वोट दिया ।
  34. (SOURCE - Posted  by )


    Let us stick to: 1. Restoration of Pension to 73%
    2. Agree for revision once in TWO years at present
    3. Let us sit across a table and discuss.
    4. Fix a time frame for future discussions.
    5. The New Judicial commission should have One Commissioned Officer,One JCO and One S.N.C.O BE MEMBERS of any discussion.
    6. Let the PM preside over the first meeting.

  2. Thank you Shaliny for speaking up for veterans.we are grateful to you dear. Jai Hind

  3. Thanks shalini for suppotring o r o p movement.As regard to the pension of a widow u have quoted it a shame.there is some thing wrong some day minimum pension of every pensioner is 3500.00 p m plus DA given from time to time.It is worth checking from the pda ie bank.if some one can give her details likre copy of ppo, service no and the regiment of her husband to me i will gight her case and make sure she gets her dues.

  4. Now everyone can understand that INDIA need revaluation rights now otherwise our politician will not aware .They will follow same attitude even CONG or BJP both are same.We can see which nations pace the revaluation are getting their rights properly from politician.We need to give lesson through revaluation Otherwise they will cheet the nation continue..

  5. Mukesh Sharma want to know about saman kam saman betan in india Grade apply like 1st 2nd 3rd 4th etc for govt or private work any where extra grade like secy or leader or judicery may be necessary.

  6. Thanks for your efforts to try open the eyes of the government but true followers of the Gandhi ji's monkeys, the Trimoorti ministers are not expected to see, hear or speak -- till the next elections.

  7. Your PM rather our PM can't understand your English translate this piece to Gujarati and handover to his dear Mother so that she can advise him.

    The said General was not a roaring type , he was a weeping General the days of Roaring General a species which is rare and extinct.

    Thomas Manimala. ( Lenity)

  8. We don't want OROP. let them save money for forth coming war, onion and dal. but my sincere advice to serving personnel in case of war please think of your family. we or our government is not going to look after . Keep in mind and fight for the nation if you want.

  9. We don't want OROP. let them save money for forth coming war, onion and dal. but my sincere advice to serving personnel in case of war please think of your family. we or our government is not going to look after . Keep in mind and fight for the nation if you want.

  10. I Salute to Madam Shalini to highlight the OROP matter to our PM in courageous way.Now, it's the turn our PM to act upon.

  11. There should some shame in the mind of the politicians who poses that they are the owner of this country where Soldiers are neglected and babus are worshiped. Babus may be asked to go to Border for protection of this country.

  12. Mr PM Sir. Please stop to SC. Take action immediately and issue to O R O P.
    Jai Hind.