Monday, October 19, 2015


     Today meeting with Brig AK Shrivastav instead of being held at 1130 hrs was rescheduled for 1900 hrs. Following cases were discussed:-

a)      Fixation of Pension for JCOs and ORs & Veer Naris as on 01 Jan 2006. Brig AKS supported the proposal and said that this should be the next case to be filed in AFT and we should win for certain. He reiterated that 6th CPC has made applicability of max pay as the yardstick for fixing the Pension in their case therefore it would be easy to draw equation with Maj Gen’s case. He agreed to my proposal to include a point in the prayer of the case to make the judgement universally applicable and PCDA and PAOS should automatically apply the judgement so that beneficiaries who do not have access to good communication do not have to run from pillar to post to have their pensions adjusted appropriately and draw advantage as a natural justice.

b)      Broad Banding of Disability. He accepted that the case for broad banding can certainly be taken up and would equally apply to the cases of PMR. However, Wg Cdr OR Prasad has quoted some circular No 433 in his mail if possible for him he should he should send the copy of the same so that question could be raised on the intent of PDA for not disbursing of the same despite Circular having been issued on the subject.

c)      Maj (16 Yr service) to get Lt Col (TS ) and Lt Col (TS)  to get Col (TS)  Pension. This case is certainly fit to be taken up for appeal however, he said he would need more time to study the rules and their applicability in little more deliberate manner before he finally takes a call.

d)     Meeting Appointment for Cdr Chandra Shekhar. As discussed with Cdr CS today morning on he has accepted for a meeting to last for approx 1 to 2 hrs if necessary to discuss the present case in details on Sat 31 Oct 15.

e)      I had discussed the case of Centenarian Veteran at Mumbai for applicability of latest pension to which he immediately agreed for the same.

        No other point was discussed and meeting ended.

(Source- e-mail from Brig SKS Rana, VSM Veteran to Brig CS Vidyasagar Vet_)


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