Friday, February 24, 2017


My following suggestions to PMO fell on deaf ears but would request like minded officers to continue suggesting what in their view is good for NATION. This would be productive in long run & give an opening to all of us to be constructive.

Grievance Description:Respected Hon'ble PM, Sir,

After seeing course correction to bring the nation on progressive track, the initiatives taken by Govt are commendable only a leader with total resolve a vision can take risks knowing fully well the vested interests in current system would backbite using all tricks of the trade mastered over decades.
Earlier my over reach was to arrest wastage of most trained man power in the form of ex-servicemen retiring very early. The Nation needs a strong mechanism to bring revolutionary ideas to percolate to last man in a vast diverse society such retiring soldiers coming from every nook corner of Bharat can do the same, as is called as IMPLEMENTATION.
The new dispensation, be it a Ministry or any other form of administrative outfit but running manned by ex-servicemen only in SERVICES STYLE would do wonders at 50% cost to NATION.
Let bureaucracy continue to upgrade for better delivery of services to the people but schemes as complex as perceived like Demonetization etc would have been augmented with a committed organisation working in tandem with the existing infrastructure demonstrating a better feedback control on a gigantic activity.
My aim of yet another over reach relates to numerous holidays which are an eyesore to a progressive India in global scenario.
Nation deserves 3 national holidays on 26 Jan, 15 Aug 2 Oct. Keeping the secular nature of the nation, all other holidays be made restricted religion based ones be quantified uniformly to ensure workable attendance in all organisations.
Employees can be asked in beginning of the year their choices keeping function-ability in view, their choices met. Once done, the ill effects on environment etc would get checked automatically competitive spirit to outdo amongst religious activities arrested to a large extent.
To top it all, Govt related celebrations given importance to satisfy the next generation orient them towards National ethos.
Earned leave casual leave across working class, be it Govt or Pvt to be rationalised to get rid of disparity prevailing.
The exceptions would be Armd forces , BSF Para Military in challenging areas only....a paradigm shift to current uniformity.
The basis remain same of maximum man hours for growth of Nation.
Integration of such moves would bring in cultural change in working in most of the Govt Services as a healthy accountable system is the need of the hour.
My salute to you thanks for viewing such uncalled for suggestions. With Regards, Lt Col Y C Mehra(Retd)
Current Status:Closed (NO ACTION REQUIRED)

(Source- via Gp e-mail from Lt Col YC Mehra (Retd)


  1. The PM might have consulted his bureaucrats, hence the rejection.

  2. I request to all our exsms to keep and keep on suggesting.It is a wise thing to keep talking and keep suggesting.After all we are born in the nation where Gandhis were born.We have to express our problems with patience and in turn they will keep listening to us.

  3. Most holidays apart from Sundays are not put to any useful activity. Hence, a very good suggestion by the author,but who will think of it!