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A large rally of Ex-servicemen was organized at JM from 1100h to 1600h on 15 June 2017. More than 1200 Ex-servicemen from 12 states (including far off states of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra) attended the rally. Ex-servicemen were very disappointed that Government has failed to rectify anomalies in OROP even after one year and six month of issuance of OROP letter.
32 Ex-servicemen expressed their views and expressed their anguish on this constant neglect of veterans. Veterans were very disappointed with Govt that even the recommendations of the One Man Reddy Committee appointed to remove anomalies of OROP have not been made public despite repeated confirmation by the then Defense Minister Sh Manohar Parrikar.
Justice Reddy has submitted his recommendations to Govt on 26 Oct 2016.
Ex-servicemen expressed anguish that OROP agitation and relay hunger strike at JM is going on for last 572 days. It is the longest agitation for justice anywhere in the world. Speakers have vowed to keep it peaceful and within the limits of law but sounded a warning to Government that constant neglect of veteran community and denial of their justified demands may lead some ESM away from peaceful agitation. Responsibility of this will be that of Government and not of organizers as it is the Government which has refused to initiate dialogue with agitators at JM. 
 Ex-servicemen signed in their blood a memorandum to be presented to PM Sh Narendra Modi ji. 425 Ex-servicemen signed the memo with their blood. Memo is attached with this report along with signatures. Relevant photographs are also attached with this report.

Sh Arvind Tekait, President of Bharitya Kissan Union, also joined in the rally and expressed solidarity with cause of veterans. Large number of Kisans also joined the rally. He expressed that Kisan and Jawan are inseparable and come from one family. Jawan’s problems are that of Kisan and vice versa kisan’s problems are that of Jawan. Sh Arvind Tekait expressed his full support on pan India basis to the cause of Ex-servicemen and communicated that BKU will always extend support to the fight of Veterans. Gen Satbir Singh thanked Sh Arvind Tekait and BKU for their support and pledged Veterans’ support to the problems of Kisans.
Gen Satbir Singh expressed that it is a very sad day that two important pillars of society one (Kisan) who produces food for India and second (Jawan) who protects the borders have to fight for their justified rights. Kisans ensure that every Indian has food to eat and Jawan ensures that all Indians live freely in India. Both are today distressed; Kisans are committing suicide and Jawans are sitting on street since last two years for their justified demands. Gen Satbir Singh stressed that if Jawan and Kisan join together then they can form Government of their choice as they have formidable number of votes to elect any representative in elections. Sh Arvind Tekait supported this call. A sash of OROP was presented to Sh Arvind Tekait by Gen Satbir Singh.
Gp Capt VK Gandhi explained progress on the cases filed for welfare of veterans. Some details are given below.
He explained that as per legal rules one petitioner cannot file case on same issue in two courts. Some of the ESM have applied in two courts first on payment to an organization and then they have given their name to IESM also just because IESM is offering this facility free of charge. This has resulted in loss to them as they have been disqualified from our case but second more serious damage is that this act has delayed justice to other petitioners. He requested members to be true while giving affidavit and ensure that each ESM only applies in one court.
OROP case:
He explained that OROP case has been filed in Honorable SC and Govt has also filed their reply. But in view of 7CPC there was a need to file amended petition, and this has been done. Honorable SC has given notice to GOI, and hopefully GOI will file its reply by end June or early July. The issue will come up for discussion after that.
Broad banding of Disability case:
Three cases have been decided in favor of litigants. In the case of Hon Lt K Pandey and 11 others Vs UOI, the case has not been accepted on the ground that petitioners have not exhausted all avenues available to them. All petitioners are expected to write to their respective CDA for broad banding of their disability. Their petition will then be filed in AFT if the CDA refuses their request of broad banding. All veterans are requested to write to CDA that they should be given broad-banding advantage from the date of their disability. Draft of the letter to be written to CDA has already been circulated.
Arrears for JCOs from 1 Jan 2006 to 24 Sep 2009:
This issue has been worrying many JCOs/ORs. Many of them have approached him at JM and requested that this issue be taken up centrally. He explained to all that proper calculations of the arrears and the actual arrears given to them are required so that these can be compared and explained in the court that justice has not been done to petitioners.
He explained that despite lapse of one year not even a single JCO/OR has approached him with the information required for the case. Hence this case can only be taken up if at-least 10 JCO/ORs bring their calculations.
Reservist case: He explained that case for reservist has been intentionally delayed in view of 7 CPC with the aim that all reservists must get increased pension of Rs 9000/ before filing this case. Some documents for filing this case were required. These documents have now been asked through RTI and are expected to be available by mid-July. The petition will be filed after that.

Gp Capt Gandhi further explained that OROP in true sense has not been granted and our fight at ground and court needs to be intensified. The golden rule for our fight to be effective is if we unitedly tell Government that Jawan and Kisan together will make the Government of their choice because they control a large chunk of votes.
Delhi Police was there in large numbers and they ensured that all help was provided to rally and there was no interference in veterans’ rally.
DCP and ACP police discussed the arrangements with Gen Satbir and other ESM present at JM.
Following five veterans were selected to visit PM office and deliver the Memo which was signed in blood of veterans.
Wg Cdr Vinod Nebb Vr C and bar
Hony Capt Jarnail Singh from Khanna
Hony Lt K Pandey
Mrs Sudesh
Sub Baldev singh Jagraon

The team visited PM office and requested to meet the PM to handover the blood signed Memorandum. The officer in PMO cordially informed the team leader that there is no appointment with PM for the veterans. The team leader applied for an appointment and handed over the Blood signed memorandum to the official.
The Press was present in large number to cover the rally. Prominent among visual media were Republic TV, Times Now, AAJ Tak and News Nation. Print media was represented by Hindustan and DNA. Rally got extensive coverage in print as well as visual media. We thank media for covering the rally and taking up the issue of Veterans.
All present vowed to continue their agitation till realization of full OROP.
Vote of Thanks: Maj Gen Satbir Singh thanked Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and Gurudwara Rakabganj Sahib administration for providing accommodation to ESM and support for the rally.
All ESM who came to attend the rally from large distances to press for their demands.
Press for covering the rally extensively.
Dr Lal’s Path Lab for supporting campaign for signing in blood.
Volunteers who worked selflessly and made the rally a grand success. 
The rally was closed with a ceremonial aarti at 1630h

Pl open attachment for full report
Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
OROP is our right. Dilution in OROP will NOT be accepted.

(Source- Via Gp e-mail)

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