Friday, October 20, 2017



"You must have heard the news of a MI-17 helicopter crash yesterday. 

This chopper was on a duty to deliver supplies to inhospitable posts which couldn't be reached otherwise. The crash took place within visual distance of Topogarh in Yangtze area in Tawang. 

The MI-17 was on hover mode and the crew was unloading K-oil loaded on skids. The skid net of one of the loads got entangled with tail rotor and all the Jerricans burst. The K-oil caught and heptr caught fire and crashed. Six crew were charred to death,one managed to jump out but later died as Heptr debris fell on him. 

It was something beyond anyone’s control and totally unforeseen tragic incident. All BOPs/BIPs in the area are AMPs and are totally dependent of these brave IAF crews and army personnel for logistic and Admn cover.

The irony is that the bodies of these brave men couldn't be brought back with dignity- they were brought back in hastily arranged cartons.

Fail to understand on what grounds the babus are getting more (&NFFU) than such men while sitting in their cushy offices. 

On top of that the Govt is also undermining the efforts and contribution of the forces and encouraging such people. 

RIP dear brothers.."

(Source- Via Gp e-mail from B B GHAI, Vet)


  1. Mr Gavini,

    To whom are you talking on NFU and asking party with ICS. Men died in aircraft consisting on all rank , however taking advantage for Officers community. Mr Gavini , I believe you are an Ex Sgt. You have to have stand for men.

  2. Babus are getting Non Functional financial upgradation for the simple reason which lies in the name of the scheme itself.So the armed forces have to follow their example to get it.