Sunday, October 22, 2017


   Dated:  20 Oct 2017           

All Members of ESM PARIWAR are requested to attend the Rally. The aim of Rally is “to Discuss, Debate and Decide future Course of action for the Restoration of “Respect & Justice for soldiers:-
  • Actual OROP Implementation, Govt has implemented one time increase in Pension and not Actual OROP.
  • To stop Degradation and Downgradation of armed Forces.
  • To restore status of Armed Forces as existed on 15 Aug 1947 in all respects.
  • Unacceptable Delay in the Construction of National War Memorial at India Gate New Delhi.
  • Delay in the Constitution of ESM Commission to be headed and membered by ESM.
  • Enactment of Covenent Act of Defence Forces of India on the lines of UK and other democracies.
  • Second career to retiree Def Personnel till the age of 60 Years through the Act of Parliament.
  •  Mandatory grant of three career Progressions to all Defence Personnel. Every Sepoy to retire and get pension and status of Naib Subedar in all respect as being granted to other Govt Services.
“ Sabhi ESM aapna Hath Hamare Hath mein do,
  Hum Aapko Insaaf Dilayenge” 

                 With regards,

                               Yours Sincerely,

                               Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd)                                                                                     
                               Advisor United Front of Ex Servicemen Jantar Mantar &                                                                 
                              Chairman Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM)                                                                                        
                               Mobile: 9312404269, 01244110570                                        

(Source- Via Gp e-mail) 

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  1. Dear Major General,

    It is a good step "Mandatory grant of three career Progressions to all Defence Personnel. Every Sepoy to retire and get pension and status of Naib Subedar in all respect as being granted to other Govt Services". This move will get complete support of ESM.
    Let me share my burden, presently facing before you on this context.
    Last week, on Thursday, my wife is admitted for a major surgery (breast removal) in my City , at the ECHS Empanelled hospital. As per my rank SGT , I fall in to the category of general ward. After the formalities of hospital and ECHS, we reached general ward of hospital where I found the distance between the beds is 3 feet, more than 100 beds in the same hall, just like 1980’s trainee billets.
    (Even our government hospitals are much better in General Wards) no screen , and has common bath room outside.

    I and my wife realised the risk of infection and privacy especially in such major operation , and hundreds of visitors comes to meet patients in such general ward. So immediately I asked for a room that the rates are varying from Rs 870 to 2700. I have opted for the cheapest room where except privacy nothing describable and I got after 4 hours.
    Please look at situation now , as I opted for a room for the safety of the patient with privacy where I am willing to pay the difference of ward vs room . However ECHS says I have to pay 35% of the surgery and anaesthesia charges along with room rent difference!
    I am a group x Sgt, completed my initial engagement of 20 years. As a diploma qualified person I served 20 years and what status I entered in service ( class 3 ), I have been discharged after 20 years in the same status (class 3). I become SGT in 10 years and cleared all exams for JWO in the 1st chance , 11th year itself. However there was no promotion due to back lot 20 years signed up, no mistake of mine. Where as in Civil 10 years of diploma career leads to a class 1 status. A day and night difference in career progression.
    Dear ESM, Have you ever raised this issue where 50% AF strength both retired and serving falls in this category ! No.
    How can I proud in my service, where as officers fighting for equivalent with civil services . Not for pension, or salary or status in defence merely an ego.
    Have you heard any officer paid 35% charges for treatment? Do you know each ex services of OR men pays monthly Rs 1000 every month for this ECHS facilities from the pension.
    Please let me know your – readers advice on this....