Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Dear All,

Today the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri Ms Nirmala Seetharaman had a meeting of Ex Servicemen Associations, the meeting was attended by the following :-

1.   Lt Gen Balbir Singh Yadav, President, IESL.+919811411261.
2.   Brig SKS Rana, President Legal Cell,  TSEWA, +919810281035.
3.   Col Ajit Singh Rana, President North Zone, Haryana and Delhi, TSEWA, +91 9650804787
4.   Col HN Handa, Chairman,  Disabled War Veteran’s (India)  +919811920190
5.    Nb Sub GS Sidhu, President, AFVAI. +919810233443
6.   Nb Sub Diwan Singh, Gen Secy, AFVAI. +919811522783
7.   JWO Ashok Tanwar, Jt Secy, AFVAI. +919399371679
8.   Sigmn DS Sheoran. National Ex Servicemen Coordination Committee.+91-9350089279

All members who attended the meeting unanimously decided to meet under the leadership of Lt Gen Balbir Singh Yadav and it was communicated by him that all Ex Servicemen Association are an apolitical organisations and do not have any affiliation with any Political Party. All Ex Servicemen have full faith in the Govt of the day and have allegiance to the Govt of India. 

Hon’ble Raksha Mantri expressed deep satisfaction on this communication by the ESM. Certain other points pertaining to ESM welfare were also brought to her notice. To name a few,  

 a) Point regarding Judgements pronounced by the Hon’ble Supreme Court should be made universally applicable to similarly placed persons as it would benefit the ESM living in the remote areas as neither they can afford the cost of litigation nor can they get to know the benefits accrued. 

b) Col Handa brought out few points about the disabled persons and their problems. 

c) It was also brought out by Lt Gen Balbir Singh Yadav that a structured meeting should be held with the ESM at regular interval to which Col Handa mentioned that there is an existing order of 2015 regarding holding regular interaction with ESM. 

Hon’ble Raksha Mantri immediately announced that first meeting in the series would be held in Jan 2018 and the Hon’ble MoS for Def would Chair the meeting.

Hon’ble RM also mentioned that she was fully seized with the Justice Reddy OMJC report and has had two presentations on the report. She has to further obtain more clarity on the points which Justice Reddy has added in the report beyond the points which were given to him as terms of reference. She would be able finally come out with the announcement after some more time.

It was also brought out by her that she is also fully concerned about the Rank equation with the civilians and she informed that she had just finished a meeting with the 3 Service Chiefs on the subject. 

She opined that the Rank earned by the Service Personnel cannot have any equation and it is totally incorrect to equate any rank with any designation or appointment of the civilians, she announced that MoD would be shortly issuing a letter on the subject.

In the end a vote thanks was communicated for granting audience to the ESM associations at a short notice and thereafter the meeting ended.

Have A Wonderful Day.

Fond regards,

Brig SKS Rana, VSM

(Source : Via Gp e-mail Col SSSohi (Retd)


  1. OMJC may be positively seen the light and should not be buried like
    OROP of koshyari committee and passed by the parliament.

  2. This meeting was terminated with out any positive results.And the RM very claverly avoided our demand.If after 3 chiefs spoke to RM the issue and still not finalised I don't think it will ever be solved.

  3. Regarding MEETING OF ESM ASSOCIATIONS WITH THE HON'BLE RAKSHA MANTRI, it would have been ideal to include Maj Navdeep Singh, a sitting advocate as a part of the team for such meetings since he is from service background (ex TA officer) a deep thinker and a philosopher who could articulate the issues being faced by veterans at a macro level even better than any ex General officers in this field. Maj Navdeep 's loyalty towards the veterans has been taken for granted and he is doing a yeoman service to the welfare of the veterans.

    Col Vijay Kumar (Rtd)

  4. Why did’nt she have this same meeting after the elections in the two states? Well may be she did’nt want the esm to be any kind of nuisance and keep them in good spirits. Why was’nt Gen Satbir present there. Does’nt it seem to be an attempt to break the esm.
    Most importantly, what did we achieve by this meeting? Lastly when are they going to make the justice Reddy report public? Well maybe somtime in 2018, a year before the elections and give a few titbits to take our votes
    Stay united esm.