Thursday, December 14, 2017

Salute soldiers when they pass by, NHAI tells toll staff ‘Give Them A Standing Ovation Too’


New Delhi: The highways authority has asked those manning toll gates to “salute” and give a “standing ovation” to armed forces personnel when they cross toll plazas as a mark of respect for their service to the nation.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has directed all toll operators to train their staff to pay respect to armed forces personnel. “Armed forces personnel deserve the highest regard and should be given due respect at the toll plaza including salute and standing ovation as deemed fit,” an NHAI circular said. The circular was issued after NHAI received complaints from armed forces personnel that toll staff often used harsh language with them or sought further proof even after seeing their identity cards. According to rules, personnel of armed forces are exempt from toll while on duty.

The highways authority also said verification of ID cards of armed forces personnel should be done by senior/ competent authority and should not be left to “untrained lowest staff” . “It is needless to emphasise that considering the extreme sacrifice of armed forces to the nation, in case of doubt with respect to nature of their official duty, benefit of doubt should be given appropriately to armed forces personnel,” the circular added.

NHAI chairman Deepak Kumar said, “Toll operators have been asked to provide behavioural training to their personnel to do so. Moreover, we are planning to provide this training with the help of tourism ministry and their hotel management institutions.” This is not the first time that NHAI has come out with directions for toll operators. In February 2016, it has issued a list of instructions, including a dress code.

All staff at toll plazas were asked to wear navy blue fullsleeved shirts and trousers, sports caps and safety jackets with the name of the operator mentioned on them.

The operators were directed to display toll charges prominently and deploy their personnel only after training them in basic etiquette to deal with commuters. But these guidelines are hardly followed, particularly prominent display of toll charges.

(Source : Times of India)


  1. Good idea indeed. However, it would be better, if toll plazas of NHAI are manned by Ex-servicemen who are compulsary retired from service at the young age of 35-45, when their responsibilities towards their families is enormous. Is any body listening.. HFO BL Kalra

  2. एक्स सर्विस मैन के लिए भी नॅशनल हायवे पर टोल नही लगेगा क्या.

  3. A lower grade plaza staff will definitely do this since those poor staffs are always giving respect, even ti seniors of their depts than what is the difficulty in pouring respect to our brave soldiers. But the question is whether others will do so ?

  4. Is it true that kendriya sainik board gives 50000 Rs to ESM for daughter marriage. Please read this news.

  5. The concession should be given to vetran faugi who have given their past for the nation It is a small gesture which government should consider

  6. One should not get respect by force or begging.
    Why a soldier needs a salute ? a gentle smile is enough for a soldier.

  7. Yes, Mohinder Singh Ji- While travelling in my own car, driven by my son on 15.12.2017, I crossed Toll plaza, next to MURTHAL on G.T.Road. I waved my ID Card and said "MILITARY OFFR". The counter clerk smiled & let me go without paying Toll. Same thing happened on the return journey, after 4 days & I was let off with a smile by the lady on the counter. HFO BL Kalra.

  8. Dear Veterans,
    Since there is no order for exemption of toll fees for Ex-Servicemen, Toll Plaza people are insisting to pay toll fees which is correct. But some toll plaza people are still allowing Ex servicemen as told by HFO BL Kalra sahib. The fact is that there is no letter exempting toll fees for
    Ex servicemen issued by National Highway Authority of India till date. Hony Capt Subramaniyan