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PCDA Circular 30 – Payment of enhanced Monetary Allowances attached to pre and post independence Gallantry Awards

Office of the Pr.C.D.A.(Pensions),
Draupadighat, Allahabad – 211014
Circular No. 30                                                              Date: 22.12.2017
1. The Director of Treasuries
2. The Post Master, Kathua, Srinagar (J&K)
3. The Post Master, Campbell Bay (Andaman & Nicobar)
4. The Defence Pension Disbursing Officer ……..
5. The Pay and Accounts Officer ……..
6. The Assistant Military Attache(P) Embassy of India,Kathmandu,(Nepal)
7. The Director of Accounts, Panaji (Goa)
8. The Chief Accounts officer (PGTPF), Gangtok, Sikkim-737101
9. Director of Accounts, Moti Daman-396220
10. The Chief Manager, CPPC …..
11. The Manager, Link Bank (other than CPPC) ……..
12. Director of Accounts & Treasuries, Puducherry-605001
Subject :- Payment of enhanced Monetary Allowances attached to pre and post independence Gallantry Awards.
Reference:-This office Important Circular No. 9 dated 10.06.2011.
(Available on this office Website address
1.Consequent upon issue of letters bearing No. 7(62)/20014-D (AG) dated 4th Dec, 2017 by Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence(reproduced as Annexure ‘A’ and ‘B’ respectively to this circular), the rates of Pre- Independence Gallantry Awards and Post-Independence Gallantry Awards have been revised w.e.f. 01st August, 2017.
2. The revised rate of monetary allowance attached with Gallantry Awards may please be paid to all recipients at revised rate, irrespective of rank and income.
3. The terms and condition for payment of monetary allowance on the authority of Pension Payment Order (PPO) notified by this office in above categories of cases is stated in brief in following Paras
i. The allowance will be admissible to the recipient of the award and on his death to his widow lawfully married by a valid ceremony. The widow will continue to receive the allowance until her death. Ordinarily, the widow who was first married shall receive the allowance, but with the special sanction of the Government, the allowance may be divided equally between the lawfully married widows of recipients.
ii. When the award has been made posthumously to a bachelor, the monetary allowance shall be paid to his father or mother, and in case the posthumous awardee was a widower, the allowance shall be paid to his son below 18 years or unmarried daughter as the case may be.
iii. Each bar to the decoration will carry the same amount of monetary allowance as admissible to the original award.
iv. The monthly monetary allowance will be paid in respect of all gallantry awards received by an individual.
v. The monetary allowance will not be taken into account for computing dearness relief.
For CMDs/Chief Managers of Link Bank/CPPCs/Director of Treasuries/ all other PDA’s:-  It is requested that a copy of these orders / instructions may be provided to all Paying Branches/ Treasuries under your jurisdiction for making payment of the monetary allowance at the enhanced rate.
The order has also been uploaded on this office web site . The copy of same may be downloaded at your end for immediate implementation of the Government orders.
No. G-1/M/068/ICO’s/Vol- V
Date: 22 .12.2017                                             
(S.C. SAROJ)                                                                                      Sr.Accounts officer (Pensions)
Click here for Signed copy of Circular with Govt orders.
(Source : Govtemploydiary)

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