Saturday, July 11, 2015

Implementation of OROP likely by the year-end ????

“A series of statements and assurances from various ministers and higher officials had increased the expectations and worsened the situation.” Sources say that the much anticipated and much-delayed One Rank One Pension scheme will come into effect before the end of this year, ahead of the Bihar elections.
For a very long time now, army personnel have been demanding that the OROP scheme be implemented. They have now stepped up their demand now. Relay fast protests were held in 20 cities, including New Delhi,
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had assured a number of times before that he is committed to introducing the scheme. But, the ex-servicemen have openly asked why the government is hesitating to implement the scheme and have warned that they would campaign against the BJP in the upcoming state elections in Bihar at the end of the year.
Following the warning, the Government has stepped up its activities implementing the OROP scheme. It has come to our knowledge that the scheme would be implemented as soon as the government lists out the beneficiaries who are going to benefit from the revised pension scale.
Information sources claim that since a mega-coalition has already been formed to counter the BJP in Bihar, the fear of alienating the ex-servicemen has rattled the BJP-government at the centre



  1. I wish to say if Prime Minister is India is good for all but All citizen predict that when Prime Minister narendra Modi will visit India it will happens in near future or not all do not what is happening. Achche Din Agaya for Modi, Arun Jaitley, Manohar Parikkar and Bureaucrat lobbies and not for Common and poor people

  2. The above statement is worrying in nature, DMs statement of soon is this I believe, didn't they see old widows aged above 80 years sitting in dharma, do they don't have hearts, I believe they don't have, they are thick skinned people may be politics need that sort of people, the other day I saw on times now one of the Bjp spokesperson touching general bakshis foot.may be to score above the congress spokesperson, this way they won't win in bihar