Saturday, July 18, 2015


Sambit Patra

OROP will come during the tenure of this government (as stated to Karan Thapar in a TV Pgm 16/07)

NK Dhand

Dear veteran friends, 

Let us celebrate this day of glorious victory by our armed forces by observing “fast” all over the country on coming Kargil Diwas in the memory of those who sacrificed their lives to make the nation victorious during Kargil operations.  Jantar Mantar can be the focal point on this day. All Fauji families, both retired and serving and our civilian friends may kindly join in as a great gesture to our martyrs.

Kuldeep Gahlaut

We are all gullible Faujis, going from office of Defence to Finance to Party Prez, begging for what had been promised to us in exchange for our votes. My only wish is that instead of requesting/breast beating/writing/ fasting, we move on to 'practicals'.  There is no judiciary left in the land to stand by us. The Super Justice of Supreme Court, more powerful than PM, Arun Jaitely can get any judgement out of any court. He has spent his life defending big business cases, & now has the economy & judiciary in thrall, (of course in defense of big business). Unfortunately, the time has come for the only disciplined segment of society to save the nation from anarchy. 

Take the field, demand ouster of corrupt govt, fooling the masses. 

ESM are equal to INA. We will have no choice but after 15 Aug, to block all trains, all airports, domestic/international & other such practical operations which many of us can think better. In event of Lathi Charge be sure we are in greater numbers to make up for age difference. In self-defence we must win the fight. Only then the Media will cover our movement.

Jai Hind

Rajwant Singh Grewal

Why has PM Narendra Modi succumbed to pressure from vested interests to change his stance on One Rank One Pension?

Some plausible explanations could be: -

The IAS Babus have some clinching evidence on his role in Gujarat riots or his connections with some industrialists that, if made public through planted leaks, can lead to his fall. He is, therefore, vulnerable and has no other option but to backtrack. If true, that is a cause for worry.

Before 2014 elections Jaitley considered himself as one of the top contenders from the BJP for PM's post. Modi conspired to make him fight elections from Amritsar where the BJP was heavily divided. Jaitley lost the election from Amritsar but had to be made the Finance Minister because of pressure from RSS. Now he is getting even with the PM by ensuring that the PM is not able to keep his word and is projected in poor light.

The Services since independence have consciously avoided recruiting anyone with a link with RSS. That has not gone down well with RSS. No wonder, despite projecting itself as an organisation that is nationalist and is concerned about national security the RSS has not come out with a statement on One Rank One Pension - either for or against it? It is intriguing since they claim to be a nationalist organisation. Obviously, the RSS is now trying to get even with the Services.

In any case, can the nation afford a PM who is made to eat his own words and is open to blackmail either from IAS or his own FM?

(SOURCE- Posted by Ex.Servicemen Joint Action Front(Sanjha Morcha) 


  1. PM means only SRI NARENDRA MODI. .Nobody is eligible and never dream about it.All BJP politicians became MPs and MINISTERS because of his untired election will become ZERO without him.all people voted not for you , it is for SRI NARENDRA MODIJI!! THINK IT OVER!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear sir,

    we understand that godhra genocide of muslim people come to light who masterminded it, some involved IAS babus may be blackmailing they may be having some clinching evidence, because of congress was in the hands of eleven lawyers, that is why it perishes, not because of BJP , people do not have alternative except BJP and modi started his false pre poll campaign with regard to implementation of OROP now modi is an accidental prime minister who has no administrative or intellectual power to steer the country, tea vendor is not able to prove himself as a effective prime ministers. BJP rule is dark days in the indian history let us bear with the destiny and do all protests in the democratic way