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  1. This lady is talking out from dictated text, the main aim being targeting he General. The divide and rule policy is seen clearly. Our General is asking for dialogue between the affected and the PM/RM but they are not on speaking terms. The Armed Forces don't have a Joint Action Commitee like other services, that makes the General to speak for us. Anyway General will be replying this lady and give the details of the points he is raising for the PBOR. Officer's cases are being highlighted to bring out the anomalies for all, just because the bureaucracy understands in that language only. No officer who gets a crore of post retirement service as remuneration will have time to count the hundred of rupees he may gain out of OROP and such cases are not known to us. If at all somebody gets the opertunity to work for these Make in India projects, it will be the bureaucrats of the mod and not defence service officers.

  2. Respected Madam,
    I have seen your video todat on net. I think u have lot of knowledge about Army and other forces qalso. Whatever question u have asked to Maj Gen Satbir Singh are genuine. I also like to say something.

    1. Maj Gen Satbir Singh has made us to ask him question which nobody has done before. This is a great time for us to ask him question & question.
    2. As I know,there are some protocol while person is serving in the Force. The welfare of Jawan is concern every officer do it well at the utmost level. As per as pay is concern, nobody can take up this issue while in uniform. We have still saperate system to determine the pay & allowances of armed frrces. So Maj Gen Satbir Singh could not take up the issue of pay & allowances while he is in uniform. Now this is the time for him to do the rest of the things which left behind and the pension fo the Armed forces is on top priority.
    3. Next his demand for pension is, whatever the pension govt is paying to the ex-servicemen at present, that scale is to be paid to all previous retiries. Thats all. Here question does not arise that the officers will get more benefit than jawan.

  3. Very well said,
    I appreciate your straight forward questions to the General who was responsible for break down of Ex Servicemen Unity where all officer s& men came together on one platform. I too share your views about step-motherly treatment metted out to JCO & ORs.

    Whether it is pay, facilities or pension, benefits or carrier planing post retirement.It has been left to customarily or listen to the higher officers sitting in the Services Head Qtrs.

    The jawans have 2 layers of of labyrinth bureaucracy, a civilian bureaucracy & 2nd one is within the Armed forces. Proxy representation has done no good the lower ranks.

    There is no representation of Armed forces in policy formulation, commission or committee any time & what ever feed is given to the civilian govt or MOD is only through Services HQs mostly by the pay cell where you find only serving senior officer either Maj Gen or Lt Gen Gen & he might delegate the task to middle level officers or even junior officers.

    I remember for OROP a point for pension was taken up that older Majors should be given pension of Col while there may be hundred of thousand pensioner in the lower ranks who were not covered by ACP or MACP ( since it was introduced later for only serving personnel) This officer even did not think once about them & when i raised this question in a chat box a group of officers jumped to silence me saying that this against the unity.

    Let me tell you a letter from MOD was issued , somewhere near to year 2000,for granting pension to all pensioners from 1996 with less than 10 month service in the rank but still pensioner had to fight through court to get pension but those who did not know about this letter were left out. Later this letter was withdrawn & condition of 10 month was reimposed in 2012, beside being recommended in 6CPC too. Has any organization or even IESM took up this issue to reinstate this letter any time till now.

    There are host of letters which are never actioned, even after AFT orders the payments are not made.Has any organisation or even IESM raise this issue of non payment any time till now.

  4. my dear respected sister,

    you have done a wonderful job in creating awareness among people, what is really going on in indian army, all gallantry medals are distributed among officers, not even a single medal is given to jawan whereas jawans strength is more than 98 percent, further more while in service the lady wife of officer is having power equal to her husband in the administrative matter, cook , one jawan is being detailed to work as a manual labourer in the officers house. all officers are privileged to employ a jawan for their household affairs illegally, that is why all officers tend to settle around military area so that they can make use of the services of jawan, now in OROP there should be no X and Y group which is non existent in officers category

  5. Sarkar ko is video dekhna chahiye,jawan ka bareme govt ko souchna chahiye

  6. Indeed all solid sawal . Jawan mostly neglected . Now everone knows it .

  7. Shocked and surmise how Sanjha Morcha decided / allowed this video post of such a low level intelligentsia ,rhetoric cheap gimmick .
    Tried my best to records the points raised as below ...
    a) Organising so called Hamla on PM, RM and Bureaucrats ..
    b) Why drag family members .. Ms Anita Kadyan
    c) OROP for whom PBOR or Officers
    d) Make in India / 50K to 01Cr salary
    e) Sahayak system
    Some rejoinders...
    1. Once veterans/ retired we are civilians as rest of the country is. Organising Dharnas and holding & accusing persons responsible for their election and legal responsibility is perfectly democratic. Shame that while military service rules employee has no way to raise their organised voice and thus are at mercy of the polity, bureaucratic system and service hierarchy for fair , just and timely resolution of condition of service and salaries have thwarted the same for 40 yrs. But for Gen Satbir , we possibly would not have got even this diluted OROP and the judicial commission.
    2. Role of traitor Kadyan is not hidden and this innocence pretence will not work. His name will be etched in history.
    3. The OROP tables and the awards are available in the internet and hikes are proportional to discrepancies/ corrections necessary. As for relative payments it is the responsibility Govt , military service and decision in relation to civilian world. IEMS is not responsible for the same alone.
    4. Why make a joke of “Make In India” .. like black money jumla and past “Garibi Hata-o” slogan. This wool on the eyes will to be discover soon. Any real data on this alleged high salary jobs .. Any idea what is the wealth of the retired Babus , Judges w.r.t when they join and then follow-up plush assignments after retirements.
    5. Is Sahayak system agenda points of the veterans ? or its for consideration by 07th pay commission and service hierarchy.

  8. Very nice A followup of Manan Bhatt.

  9. The Gen saab has never raised the xy group pension system among jco or . This is an intentional mistake of his part

  10. You may call this lady...low level intelligentsia,rhetoric,cheap gimmick etc but fact is fact
    whatever the points she raised is valuable one, hats off to her. My reply is for Mr Karunakaran A, sir hope you would have heard the latest comment of RBI,Governor " IN THE LAND OF BLINDS, ONE EYED IS KING. This comment is most appropriate for Indian commissioned officers fraternity only.

  11. A lot of disparity in defence between the starting and ending pay scale of the men with regard to officers.Is there any department or any organisation in India or abroad having huge pay disparity between men and officers as in our defence forces.A Subedar Major havinf more than 40 years of unblemished record of service is drawing less than his son who is 21 years old being the reason he is an officer. Officers pay scale starts after the last pay scale of a Hon. Lieutenant. The pay of the JCO should end up to middle pay band officers in the defence as being in all departments and in public sector banks. The pay scale of a clerk ends up the middle pay band of officers in the bank. Can Maj Satbir Singh address this issue so as to bring justice to JCO/ORs.

  12. Please take care of jco/ ors anomalies

  13. Let your Children not join armed forces and grumble like you later.I am being a retired JCO giving you this piece of my mind.
    I had witnessed unpleasant things while in service(officers vs Non officers). Whenever any VIP visits or the commanding officer address the parade,he starts with "Officers and men" and so on.Obviously an officer remains officer till he exists in this world.After the retirement, an officer does not becomes Ex Service officer but he is included in the list of exservicemen.They become men to enjoy the previleges of men.Their living style in service is not less than a British officer.All officers and family use buses to go to city and come back to camps.Men and their families are provided with Shakthiman 3 ton trucks.We remained men in service and become exservicemen after our retirement also.
    Let us not expect any good thing from Satbir Or Kadyan.They are all selfish.Finally they will get united as officers when time comes.So let us form one joint action front(only one and nothing else) to speak for us.PCDA and MOD become hostile to jawans because of these officers

    1. What a coment. Even sepoy must be made accountable. To reduce the supremacy of this fellows.

  14. Yes there are so many problems in Def services. But Maj Gen Satbir Singh alone can't solve it. To me he is doing his best on the issue of OROP. For rest of the problem voice must be raised maybe through IESM or any other platforms.

  15. She said true and truth is bitter. She has raised facts and this msg should listen by Hon PM, DM, all offrs and JCOs and OR. She has given true signals that Sr leadership of IESM used JCOs Jawan for rush at JM, Delhi and taken 100% benefits for Officers who serve upto the age of 55 to 60 years and lower level given nothing. Overall OROP given 50% pension of last of rank to Officers only not rpt not to JCOs and Jawans. So the points raised by The Lady are very correct her voice is right. Govt should listen and enquire

  16. Why segregation-X group jawan and Y group jawan. If NCO has conducted classes to officers in defence trg colleges, then NCOs
    pension fix by govt an over than
    officers. Groups (X,Y) abolishable.

  17. Sir OROP give the more benefit to Hony ranks and officers only a naik with 22 years of service got more pension than 18 years havildars now at present he is getting less pension than havildar he has served more four years and get more four service increments. That is not cobsider un the orop scheme. 2nd in Hony ranks and officers there is no group /catagory as like X,Y, And Z groups so pl in ors and jcos catagory these group should be removed.

  18. Dear Sir,
    1. While glancing through comments made by JCO/OR on OROP,it appeared as if they were nurturing violent objections and solid cribs against officer cadre on the assumption that their case for pay/pension upgradation/fixation has not been represented properly.Remember, orop reflects live data extracted by PCDA as on Jul 2013. A point for Gen Satbir, I would ask, how many natural leaders are there among JCO/OR who could take on the Govt and mandarins in the South Block for effective implementation of OROP. . If they wish,they are at liberty to fight their case in isolation and face the music thereafter. Col Vijay Kumar(Rtd)

    1. Do not Challenge like this.It reflects your venomous attitude for your own men without them you are nothing.We had been orphans always.No representation for us in any sort of meeting.We can not represent ourselves in pay commission.In service you never allowed us to ask you questions.Let the govt accept our physical representation.The you will face the music and all things will come out

  19. It would be unfair to doubt the integrity of gen satvir singh b.coz he was the only officer who publicly turned down orop for his rank and demanded orop for all vetrens.He has been making relentless efforts for jcos .ors and their widow.He in undoubtedly leading the veteran s movement with whole heart and soul
    The gentle lady in video should in fact take on the people like gen kadyan who was trying to derail the efforts put by gen satvirand his team.
    Even the diluted version of prop could not have been possible without his efforts.In fact now gen satvir singh is trying all out to undo the wrong done to jcos and ors by the top military echelons after 1973.I certainly few points of concerns about the wrong done top echelons of service for jcos and ors
    1.rank pay demanded for offrs not for pbors
    2.promotion demanded to the rank of Lt col in 13yrs for all offrs I.e.4rthrank for offers not same for pbors I.e. nb sub in 13 yrs.pbors don't get it even in 24 yrs of service
    3 offrs get uniform pay scales except additional pay for AMC/ ADC/RVC but the bpors divided in groups
    4. It is fact post 1973 offrs got 50% pension but pbors were reduced to even 38% of last pay drawn as pension
    Offrs protesting for parity with IAS/ IPS but the pbors are craving for the within themselves
    5.Higher pay scales + xgroup pay makes big difference for pbors between x and Y group but offrs would have never compromised for such difference for themselves
    6 Unjust treatment is meted out to pbor in case of MSP even quite lesser than MNS offrs

    For this injustice to pbors who were responsible to? Where was the chetewood motto shown ?? For this injustice certainly MOD or b,cracy was not responsible but the top military echelon in service Hqrswho were in policy making and coordinating with MOD
    Now at least offrs like gen satvir singh is trying to undo the injustice to pbors.let all pbors join hands with gen to streanthen him and his team

  20. Respected Madam
    I have seen Your video and points raised by you are correct.Please fight for JCOs/ORs specially for OROP fixcation and other facilities. Most of the cases if you seen in OROP table increase of BP is 20-40 rupees than old BP. In case of suberdar having 30 yeras or more service they have instructed to deposit money to govt. The table has not properly calculated in all ranks.Moreover nobody is worried about JCOs/OR resettlement.

  21. All substantive rank holders of PBORs must b given next higher pension.

  22. With due regards to gentle lady I would like to know as why my comments dated 24 April not published.I would appeal to her ladyship not to be selective or biased on such a sensitive issue for pbors in defence

  23. All or any one say anything, no any officer, never think or do good for jawan,S welfare. Even knowing all things but no officer wants to raise his voice for jawan,S right.

  24. It is true that lion share of the benifit of OROP in the way of increase in the Basic pension goes in favour of Commissioned officers from Major and above. This may not be the single man decision of Maj Gen Satbir Singh who is the final authority of the Govt of India. JCOs OR deserves proportionally higher percentage of pension ie 70% of the last pay drawn than officers which is restricted to 50% of last pay drawn.Three Service Chief and Pay/Pension Cell functioning at Services HQ should have been projected the demand and got approved by the Ministry of Defence in favour of JCOs OR. Finding fault with Maj Gen Satbir Singh alone at this stage gives a clue that some instigating propagenda is behind the post. We as a veteran community can not ignore the sincere and selfless efforts put forth by the Gen for such a long period through joint agitation for the increased benefit of OROP. It is but natural that difference opinion will be their between the veterans community. Iam of the opinion that we should not blame to a particular person. The respectable lady may not be a wife of a JCOs ORs who is a looser or gainer by the implenentation of OROP. There is sufficient time left with us to project genuine demands to one man judicial commission for justfied remedial changes in the OROP implementation Circular.

  25. Rather than cribbing and finding fault with others, its time to list all points specially concerning PBOR , the underlying logic and its possible remedy.
    Then forward the same to one man commission in operation and may be one copy on this blog too.

  26. What ever given by OROP that all credible benefits goes to officers only it is true and also what the madam said it is correct,

  27. Col Vijaya Kumar Sab, please try to understand it is not officers cadre bashing or cribbing. JCOs/OR are not General to take on Govt/ mandarins to Supreme Court. What is being faced now is 'self creation'. A power struggle between commissioned cadre and IAS cadre. Commissioned cadre thinks that country's security is in our hand so we should have upper hand .... the other side the IAS cadre thinks that 'running the country' is in our hand so we should have upper hand.... in the cross fire JCOs/OR are the poor victims. They don't have direct access to MOD (IAS) every thing has to be routed through
    service headquarters.That is why now a days a lot of hue and cry against erosion of status or down grading of protocol etc. In the game all related department like PCDA/CGDA became hostile to services. Commissioned cadre
    conveniently blames MOD for everything. Let us wait and watch whether govt will place CDS above defence secretary or below.

  28. Failed to understand the stated. What is the question? It is OROP, in simple terms (a) equity in nation building (b) equalisation with brother citizens in govt employent, ministry or department (c) better or at least equal treatment in terms of pay and conditions of employment or compensation to soldier (d) above all IZZAT