Sunday, April 17, 2016

OROP Implementation : Letter to Under Sec Def Pen Policy - Col Rohit Kumar

Dear Sh R K Arora,

Refer public notification on ibid subject published under your signature on 13.04.2016 vide F.No.12(39)/2015/D(Pen/Pol)(Part-V), MoD, Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare D(Pension/Policy).

I, Col Rohit Kumar, a Veteran, find the following lacunae in One Rank One Pension published / announced by Government of India. Please forward my observations to One Man Judicial Committee set up for redress.

The basic minimum that needs to be addressed immediately are:

1.      Restore the pension of Jawans and JCOs to 70% of last pay drawn as was the case prior to 1973.

2.     Family pension of defence personnel to be the same as the pensioner themselves would have drawn and not reduced to 60%.

3.      All defence personnel to be provided second career till the age of 60 years through an act of Parliament.

4.     OROP be implemented as concept in perpetuity as per the original definition given in the Govt Executive orders dated 26 Feb 2014 as under:-

(i)       OROP as approved, implies that uniform pension be paid to the Armed Forces personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service irrespective of their date of retirement and any future enhancement in the rates of pension to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners. This implies bridging the gap between the rate of pension of the current pensioners and the past pensioners, and also future enhancements in the rate of pension to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners.

(ii)       It further implies that Pensions of past defence retirees will be equal to that of a person with same rank and length of service retiring wef 01 Apr 2014, future enhancement in the rates of pensions will be automatically passed to the past pensioners.

5.    Change in definition of OROP introduced by the Government, “Equalisation on periodic Intervals”, has killed the very soul of OROP must be cancelled immediately.

6.    Pay, Pensions and all allowances of armed forces combatant personnel to be fully tax exempt OR higher by at least 25% on “Year Wise” basis vis-a-vis all other Govt Services and not rank / appointment based. This is the very least the nation owes to men and women whose fundamental rights as citizens were curtailed for the full length of their service.

7.   Anomalies in 7th CPC Recommendations as represented by the three Chiefs to the RM to be rectified on priority before the acceptance of the 7th CPC award by the Govt.
8.    OROP to be updated to 01.01.2016 and then the 7th CPC applied to it.

Have a nice day
Regards Rohit

Sh R K Arora
Under Secretary/D(Pension/Policy)
Room No. 220A, B’ Wing
Sena Bhawan, New Delhi-110011

OROP Implementation : Details to send letter - Col Rohit Kumar

मोटे मोटे तौर पे मेरे ख्याल में ये खामियां हैं और आप सब अपने अपने हिसाब से लिख के अपने अपने नाम से अर्जी जल्दी से जल्दी भेज दें 

सारी अर्जियां 24 Apr 2016 तक पहुंचा देंने की कोशिश करें  अगर आप डाक से भेजें गे तो पता है 

Under Secretary/D(Pension/Policy)

Room No. 220A, B’ Wing

Sena Bhawan, New Delhi-110011

अगर ईमेल से भेजें गे तो आईडी है 

मैं, (अपना रैंक और नाम लिखें), भुत पूर्व सैनिक घोषित One Rank One Pension में यह खामिया पाता हूँ और इनको जल्द से जल्द और पूर्ण रूप से ख़तम करने की जरूरत समझता हूँ
मेरी यह अर्जी सरकार द्वारा बनाई One Man Judicial Committee को सौंप दी जाये 

1. पेंशन के रूप में जवानों और जेसीओ की पेंशन आखरी तनखा का 70% होना चाहिए जैसा की 1973 में था
2. फौजियों की फॅमिली पेंशन जितनी पेंशनर की पेंशन थी उतनी मिलनी चाहिए की कट कर 60% जो आज मिलती है 
3. सभी सैनिकों को 60 साल तक दूसरी नौकरी प्रदान करने के लिए संसद का अधिनियम पास होना चाहिए 
4. OROP पे सरकार कार्यकारी आदेश दिनाक 26 Feb 2014 के अनुसार दिया जाना चाहिए 
एक रैंक और सर्विस के सैनिकों में, चाहे वोह किसी भी सन में पेंशन आये हों, पेंशन में कोई अंतर कभी भी नहीं होना चाहिए --- यह ही एक परिभाषा होनी चाहिए OROP की  
5. समय के साथ पेंशन अपने आप बढ़नी चाहिए ताकि कभी भी किसी पूर्व सैनिक की पेंशन उससे बाद पेंशन आने वाला से कम हो बशर्ते की दोनों की सर्विस और रैंक बराबर हों 
6. सरकार का कहना की समय समय पर पेंशन में वृद्धि होगी तो OROP की परिभाषा का खून करना होगा और यह कतेही नहीं होना चाहिए 
7. फौजियों को बाकि सब ही सरकारी नौकरों से कम से कम 25% तनखा और पेंशन (अलाउंस भी) मिलनी चाहिए आखिर और कौन देश के लिए अपनी जान की कुर्बानी देने के लिए बध है या हमें इनकम टैक्स से मुक्त करना चाहिए 
8. 7th CPC की खामियां जो की तीनो सेना के चीफ ने रक्षा मंत्री के समक्ष रखी हैं उन्हें दूर करने के बाद ही सरकार 7th CPC की घोषणा करे  
9. OROP को 01.01.2016 के हिसाब से सही कर के फिर 7th CPC पूर्व सैनिकों पे लागू करें


  1. What is the purpose of writing such letters. Is the Colonel representing his case or dictating his demands?

  2. This seems more a dictating of a demand rather than any logic/ reasoning given for each of the requests submitted.

  3. Dear Sir, I have retired as Sub Maj with 17 years total length of service and my other colleagues in the same rank with 30 years total length service. But both of us have served 4 years as Sub Maj. But my pension is too less than my colleague. Therefore this anomaly is required to be removed.
    The pension table shall be prepared based on length of service in the last rank held.


    Prakash Pattar

    1. To whom you are pleading to correct your pension?
      Col.Rohit Or somebody else?Is he part of anomaly rectification committee?Please write to the undersecretary pension.
      Srinivasan Indian Navy rtd MCPO-I

  4. Good morning sir, so far there was a difference in pensions of different length of service and trades , some got before in 15 years and out, i got in 18 years and out in 20 yrs , so far there was a difference in pensions but now equal, hence what is the use of serving more and because of different trade, he got promotion sooner, where as now a days every one joined together does not get promotion and that too not too fast like those days specially in JCOs ranks even after ACP / MACP , How this will be compensated among us where as officers get quicker promotions besides more differences in pay scales created, officers given more weightage than JCOs even, so much more difference created in pay scales / pensions, in facts jcos pension must start from starting scales of officers because of their experiences in services and must end equivalent to at least equivalent to colonel like in civil services JAY HIND

  5. 40% Extra pay was given to Officers and JCO except other ranks in the Fifth Pay commission ie Civ UDC equal to Nb Sub started pay scale from 4000- and Nb Sub pay scale was started from 5600- 4000x40+4000=5600 and Sub pay scale was started from 6600- like Assstant.Why the other rank not given 40% extra from civ estimate.