Thursday, April 14, 2016


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Col A Sunder Rajan

At last, the Govt has filed the Counter Affidavit in the NFU Case Today. It has been signed by a Civilian Dy Director of AG/PS-3. A very shaky and weak effort made by the Union of India to deny the NFU to Armed Forces. We are confident to easily sail through. As intimated earlier, the date for Final hearing has already been fixed for 09 May 2016. I shall be filing Rejoinder within a couple of days. For info of all concerned.....

NFU Update. Case was taken up by AFT(PB) New Delhi by bench number 3. A Ld ASG submitted that the Counter Affidavit has been finalized and shall be filed by tomorrow. The Court, after due deliberation fixed 09 May 2016 for final hearing of the matter. The Petitioners may file Rejoinder Affidavit in the meanwhile. For Information of all.


  1. What is nfu ? pay for no work? Is it viogue in poor,under previlaged and progressing country like ours? No, this facility should not be given to anybody

    1. But no one protested when it was granted to civilian officers, it's called non functional upgradation, to my knowledge.

    2. Mr Anonymous u r right, NFU should be scrapped totally.

    3. Nfu shall be scrapped torally

    4. Sorry, Mr Anonymous, Your basic assumption is flawed here. Its not pay for no work.

      You mean the personnel who do not get promoted do not work? In Armed forces, more than 60 % get overlooked at the first selection. And rest barring ONLY 1 % get overlooked in next 2 selections. You mean these 60 % didnt work in their young age and arent working now? If that be so then how the lower formations which were controlled by the young officers (including these 60 %) perform. Obviously these lower formations couldnt have performed without active participation from all the young officers inclduing these 60 % officers.

      You cant deny that nearly all the lower formations of armed forces perform exceptionally well and they are all manned by young officers. Even during hostilities, its the young officers who loose their life in max percentage. So obviously nearly all of them work to their best of ability and the rigrous selection process including 5 days SSB, ensures that only personnel with good abilities are selected.

      And then suddenly at the age of 34 years, you tell them you cant be promoted and you have to accept stagnation at this same financial status due to pyramid structure and limited vacancies. This isnt fair. And worst, the civil services people with more than 95 % getting regular promotions to the highest levels {its more likely that only non performers (less than 5 %) have been left out} get regular financial upgrades.

      I feel one takes up a job for respect as well as financial stability but once inside the govt job, he works for self esteem. At least in defense it is that way. And rightfully it must be that way, only then can we call ourselves civilised society. Financial security for all must be in any case assured. But neverthless, this last paragraph isnt related to the discussion hence may be ignored.

  2. you advise the IAS babus who are presently enjoying it

  3. The positive outcome is the only solution though not a reamedy to the lowering of status of services by the babus silently over the last six decade. Waiting foe a good news.

  4. NFU is an irregularity, just scrap it in every service. It generates comlasency at higher levels and must be discouraged.

  5. NFU is an irregularity, just scrap it in every service. It generates comlasency at higher levels and must be discouraged.

  6. In order to make proper comments, I wish to know the full form of NFU. To know more about me, kindly visit
    I am doing the Helpline service for the last 15 years. Let us develop this blog more and more informative to the pensioners community especially the Armed Forces Pensioners

  7. dear veteran,NFU would mean if your coursemate picks up promotion and others are not promoted due to vacancy or any other reason,the complete course gets the finnancial benefits by default,which will accure to the promoted coursemate.this is called non functional upgradation . this provision was available to IAS officers and now it is available to all class 1 organised services. the defense forces are kept out of this so far as they are not organised services.

  8. The case in AFT is for grant of NFU to Armed Forces ,a section of employees of Government of India ,since it was given to some sections of GOI since 1.1.2006.The dispute and case is equality under the law and provisions of Constitution of India.
    Soldier is also an Indian and human. He cannot be deprived or denied the right of equality in pay and increments of pay as given to others in police ,babus......etc.
    This issue should have gone to judicial review much earlier as some CRP and others have gone to judiciary.
    The Armed Forces personnel and their associations were too slow ,always delayed in response and reaction.
    Some individual has gone to AFT.
    Thus and therefore ,this issue should be supported and augmented ,to derive NFU to soldiers also,rather than the contentions of " scrap it "to those who have taken since 1.1.2006.
    Well ,it is good if the amounts and related promotions enjoyed by those can be taken back!
    Well ,scrapping and discontinuation can be from a future date.until then ,soldiers have to derive NFU ,rather than strange contentions of scrapping it .

  9. The point in this case of NFU to soldiers till it is scrapped,if ...possible.

  10. The case in AFT is for grant of NFU to Col Sunder Rajan , as given to others.AFT has no jurisdiction to scrap non functional financial upgradation sanction given to IAS,IPS,all group A services in GOI ,incl military engineer service.
    If Col S..... gets others would derive.Therefore ,Armed Forces should support and strengthen his case ,rather than self defeating expressions of scrap it ,implying that NFU is not required or not good for Army ,Navy &AF.
    How can AF get parity by this mind set .Disparity will keep on compounding.
    In fact some Head cannot arbitrarly decide that NFU is not required or good for AF.self defeating and counter to every thing AF had been loudly projecting for decades.
    That so called stand of some MOD agency or an individual in that transitory position on this issue of NFU is against AF and therefore not acceptable to them.
    Many other Armies in several other countries function with NFU and equivalent practices .Why not Indian Army ,Navy & AF.
    So , the Head has to function in that environment and not thrust his individualistic views.

  11. NFU should not only be scraped but it should be done so retrospectively and all those who benefited should be made to refund the undeserved loot since it's implementation.

  12. Just because the bureaucrats got NFU, we must not ask for it for the Armed Forces. Let us design a pay scale of our own for each rank right from the Jawan up to our Chief. The minimum and maximum ratio must be lesser than our counter parts in civil society. We must maintain the steep pyramidical existing structure and comparable pay structures without sacrificing the command and control. While deciding the lowest pay, we must not seek to compare the salaries of others and must be decent. Allowances must be commensurate to the risks, inconveniences and wealthier/terrain conditions. All specialists must get monetary incentives. The pensions can be a better proportion of the basic and the basic allowances like the rank, grade, increments etc. The Jawans must be given higher proportion, the JCOs a bit lesser and the officers 50%, the lowest. All causalities must be given additional pensions depending on severity of the injury. All gallantry awards must be exemplarily the highest in the land. The family pensions must be 100% of the diseased pensioner for all Jawans irrespective of their ranks. All this will take time, but if the top brass is sincere we can create a better life for our troops and the officer class. We must institute a study on this subject on our own without asking the government to create one with bureaucrats and put the proposals before the government.

  13. Dear friends,

    I fully agree with Mr Bala. There are numerous ex-servicemen associations said to have been functioning for the cause of ex-servicemen. They are going on their on individual line. No unity among them. No co-ordination. Therefore, the Armed Forces Pensioners especially the Personnel Below Officer Ranks and their families. I had tried for Unity and Co-ordination. But all the major ex-servicemen associations are not interested. I have been working for the cause of ex-servicemen for the last 15 years. I have come across manifold problems. They are not addressed. There is a need of making awareness on all subjects. I am therefore, trying to publish those in my web, which will start very shortly. Your blog is doing tremendous work. My appreciations and all success.

  14. NFU is not for a service like the Forces. The command and control can be effective by the pyramidical rank structure. To counter the civilian exploitation we must ask for some other remedial pay structure and not follow their non functional attitude. If they are bad in exploiting the public exchequer, why we should we go after that evil.

    1. This pyramid structure being necessary for the functioning of the armed forces is a myth that our own senior officers are clinging on to! Its not necessary at all. It can be made more cylindrical and the ranks can be delinked from the appointments. Arent there units with same rank boss and subordinate? Have there been any command and control problems? We in defence are brought up in a way where we respect and follow orders from even one day senior without any problem irrespective of the rank he is wearing. Then why cant we delink appointments/postings from rank? Why cant the Commander and his deputy be of same rank? Why cant a CO by col and his 2 iC also a colonel? It is possible and no command and control problem will ever be faced. Yes initially there are going to be little administrative issue but temporarily for about 2 years. But such problems always take place when you change a system.
      And incidentally, this NFU is not even disturbing the Pyramid structure. Its only a financial upgrade without any promotions. So your point isnt relevant unless you just want to deny the benefits.

  15. Dear Manohar AM,

    If with long and effective training system in place, separate and strict Act for the forces meant to maintain command and control, restricted rights for the personnel, also the senior officers of the forces can not maintain command and control they must really be incompetent.