Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ex-post-facto approval for Implementation of One Rank One Pension by Union Cabinet

06-April-2016 16:17 IST

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its ex-post facto approval for implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP). The details are as follows: 

1. The benefit will be given with effect from 1st July, 2014. 

2. Pension will be re-fixed for pre 1.7.2014 pensioners retiring in the same rank and with the same length of service as the average of minimum and maximum pension drawn by the retirees in the year 2013. Those drawing pensions above the average will be protected. 

3. The benefit would also be extended to family pensioners including war widows and disabled pensioners. 

4. Personnel who opt to get discharged henceforth on their own request under Rule 13(3) 1(i)(b), 13(3) 1(iv) or Rule 16B of the Army Rule. 1954 or equivalent Navy or Air Force Rules will not be entitled to the benefits of OROP. It will be effective prospectively. 

5. Arrears will be paid in four half-yearly instalments. However, all the family pensioners including those in receipt of Special/Liberalized family pension and Gallantry award winners shall be paid arrears in one instalment. 

6. In future, the pension would be re-fixed every 5 year. 

7. Constitution of Judicial Committee headed by Justice L. Narasimha Reddy, Retd. Chief Justice of Patna High Court on 14.12.2015 which will give its report in six months on the references made by the Government of India.

The implementation of OROP will result in enhanced pension for the pensioners/family pensioners of Defence Forces. The setting up of the Judicial Committee headed by Justice L. Narasimha Reddy will help in the removal of anomalies that may arise in the implementation of OROP order dated 7.11.2015. 

Financial implications on account of grant of OROP including Pre-Matured Retirees (PMR) cases would be Rs. 10925.11 crore for payment of arrears and annual financial implication would be Rs. 7488.7 crore. Till 31st March, 2016, 15.91 lakh pensioners have been given the first instalment of OROP, which amounts to Rs. 2,861 crore. Information is being gathered for processing on priority basis, the cases of 1.15 lakh pensioners after filling in the gaps of information such as the length of service being assessed, etc. 


(Source  - Press Information Bureau, Government of India)


  1. Note to Major General Satbir Singh: Now that the Union Cabinet has given its ex-post facto approval to the diluted version of the OROP adamantly for the veterans, it is time to approach the SC for remedy. The Reddy Commission's recommendations will be a lame duck in remedying our concerns as the things go. There is much time lost in getting our dues and this peaceful movement must at the earliest be taken to the SC for an early redressal. If we fail there too, we must resign to the gun pointed at us by this government.

  2. Once long back one of the ESM org said that it will go to SC against the appointment of OMJC. ; if their points are not agreed to. LIKE OROP to be taken at the top of the scale and yearly equalisation. These are the main points. I think in order to counter that in the SC ; if needed this export facto sanction.
    Means Parliament approved definition has been changed and that changes has been approved by the by union cabinet.

  3. PCDA Circular 555 (OROP) is more of a joke than a reality. Hony.Fg.Offrs of IAF who have served the IAF for 36 to 40 years are granted (OROP)Pension for 30/32 yrs of service on the plea that the term of engagement of HFO is 30/32 yrs. How? Where is it written, probably in the back-yard of DESW, who took it on them selves to fix imaginary term of engagement of HFOs. We were enrolled in the IAF under the term 9+6 yrs & not 30/32 yrs. Come to think of " Is it not against natural justice to grant pension of 30/32 yrs of service whereas the individual(HFO) has served for 36/40 yrs. DESW thinks we were serving IAF for 30/32 yrs & after that served PAF for next 4/6 yrs, therefore that period of 4/6 yrs will not be counted for pension. Well done DESW- You deserve a NOBLE for having brainy officers working in the negative direction.

  4. I KS Aliyar ex sgt Rad Fit rtd durig 1993 with 15 yrs qs and of gp1(x).The ubi credited Rs 16535 as my new orop. The arrear credited is Rs 12560. This amount is calculated as 7550+119% DA.which is new basic of GP Y sgt where as GP X basic is Rs 8585 as per table 7 of circular 555 hence my new pension should be 18801/-.The arrear was calculated as (7550-6374)X10.68 where as I am suppose to get (8585-6374)X10.68=23613 as first instalment.
    Can anybody help me. I send an email to CPPC ubi but no response.

  5. What a fine piece of work by bureaucracy ?. Ex post facto ,after inaction of so long from Nov
    2015 . getting cabinets approvals is for orop of soldiers .for NFU and such related finance matters just in house sanctions and pay out in few days.probably the cabinet is either not involved or sanctions are on the dot.
    Analyse the fine print .one finds so many and so much left to wild interpretations ,contentions and speculations.All in circles of infinity.running and running in orbits .somebody says - don't run ,come to me for sympathetic consideration favourable consideration..
    This is a sort of resolution of OROP struggle since 1973.
    Analysts and intellectuals can read and study for next few decades and keep chasing invisible Govt agency who designed artistic orop without even touching issues of parity ,NFU ,number of increments to other than soldiers, parity of allowences to soldiers ....etc.
    Alsoook at figs and related to Fin yrs.this goes on to Fin yrs 2016-2017,2017-2018.look look at the twisted words as if family and disabled are not pensioners and specific mention in paras to increase script.
    More minds can read ,study and analyse this great Ex post facto.

  6. This ex post facto ,press briefing -6 Apr ,visible anomolous ,unprecedented ,ambiguous expressions in script exibit hidden future approaches of bureaucracy on issues of soldiers pay and pension.
    Obvious ,there is some Nexus at some levels to put Govt in difficult thing is clear on so far what ever is sanctioned by Govt of the day- no reversal .bureaucracy to comply with the processes of office actions .
    The tricks being played with words,phrases , content and intent.

  7. Reddy commission can not go beyond the terms of ref given by the Govt and hence there is no point in waiting for its verdict.Should moveto SC