Monday, August 28, 2017

A contrast of "leadership" in two "organizations"

 The cost of the police to the Government:

- A tiny state: Haryana.

• It has 4 DGPs (Pay equal to Army Commander).

* 8 ADGPs.

• The 1990 batch officers are ADGPs & draw a pay, equal to a Corps Commander.

• The state has one IG, one DIG & 5 Armed Police Battalions at Maduban (Karnal) & yet it had to ask for the army columns.

• The police range, earlier headed by a DIG, is now headed by an IG & there are four police ranges, (Karnal, Rohtak, Hissar & South). Besides, there are three police commissionerates, (Ambala -Panchlula, Gurgaon & Faridabad), headed by the Commissioners (DIG rank officers).

• The SCRB (State Crime Record Bureau), is headed by an officer of ADGP rank.

• Over paid, under employed.

• With so many highly paid IPS lot, the law & order had to be restored by Army columns, led by Majors/Lieutenant Colonels, with half their serivce.

What a contrast of leadership in two organizations.         Sad...  

(Source- Via Gp E-mail from Mahesh Khorana, Vet)

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