Sunday, August 13, 2017


 12 Aug 2017
Dear Friends,
1.         You are fully aware of the way Military is being downgraded and degraded. Govt continues to remain adamant by not even replying to numerous letters written to PM  & RM on the above issues.
2.         Jantar Mantar Protest Movement commenced to get Actual OROP Implemented.  Not only the OROP Anomalies have not been rectified, it seems the Govt has closed the file.  One Man Judicial Committee Report which was submitted to Govt on 26 Oct 2016 has neither been made public nor implemented even after the then RM Mr. Parikar’s assurance that it will done by 15th Mar 2017.  The committee constituted in 2006 to resolve 6th CPC Anomalies did not meet for 10 years. 
3.         Serving Chiefs are also the Chiefs of Veteran Defence Personnel.  It is surprising to note that they have also not replied to any of our letters written to them requesting them to intervene to resolve above issues. 
4         Protesting Veterans are being denied their right to be heard.  We heard the New Vice President yesterday in Rajay Sabha saying to Parliamentarians to Debate, discuss & decide; is it not applicable to the issues of Welfare being projected by Veteran Defence Personnel to the Govt?  Right to be heard is the Core Value of Good Governance in a Democracy. 
5.         790 days at Jantar Mantar and total neglect by the Govt.  Calling Protesting Veterans as Negative people to say the least is Unfair and Unjust. You are all aware that what has been implemented is not OROP but only one time increase in pension.  However, the Govt has been misinforming the nation that OROP has been implemented.
6.         We have been requesting for Meeting with PM and RM which is being denied.  Unwritten blockage of media on Defence Veterans affairs since 12 Sep 2016 is also unfair.
7.         Our OROP Case in SC is taking too long a time.  The next date mentioned in SC schedule is 18 Aug 2017.  We are not sure if it will take place.  Court Case will go on for a long time.
8.         Inspite of Honble Hight Court Judgement, our Bank Account has not been opened for withdrawals.  May we appeal to veterans to kindly voluntarily contribute for the logistic Management of the Protest Movement.
9         We also request those veterans who have been suggesting closing down Jantar Mantar to suggest alternate option to be adopted to get Actual OROP Implemented and lead the same.  Our similar requests earlier have had “No takers”. 
10.         Under the circumstances, it is imperative and necessary to continue Protest at Jantar Mantar to raise our voice for Justice.  We, therefore appeal to all members of the Defence Veterans Fraternity to visit Jantar Mantar regularly to showcase solidarity to the Cause.  Your “Yogdan” is requested please.
            With regards,                                               
            Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd)                                                                                     United Front of Ex Servicemen Jantar Mantar                                                               Tele No: 0124 -4110570 & Mobile: 9312404269,                                              


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