Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Dear All Members 

Today we had Synergy Conference of CGDA at Delhi Cantt which was on the initiative of CGDA. It was attended by number of ESM organisation and Veterans. On the Govt side JS(ESW), Addl CGDA, PCDA(P) and DDG(P), AHQ were present in addition to large number of Bank representative, Jt CGDA and other DAD officials. 

Few high lights of the discussion are as under.


1. In his concluding remarks he brought out that Disability Pension orders based on percentage basis will be issued in next 10 days. 
2. He also brought out that ESM orders on pension based on notional pay will be out soon but 95% of ESM will be beneficial by 2.57 method. Very few will be benefited by the matrix system. Record offices of all ESMs have to provide Last pay and QS etc, to PCDA(P) for issue of corr PPO. This process will take some time for the implementation of Matrix system to those who stand to gain by this method. 

Addl CGDA Pts.
  1. All points submitted by TSEWA were incl for discussion and were discussed in details. Those present gave their views on these along with the comments by CGDA. 
  2. Changes being implemented by CGDA. 
  3. Centralisation of Pension Disbursement Authority(PDA) with Pension Sanctioning Authority(PSA) A centralisation authority is under creation, and will be ready by Jan 2018. All retiring wef Jan 2018, will receive their pension from this authority. It will be on lines of CDA(O) where all officers get their pay directly from CDA(P) into their account. Their will be service centres on required basis who will be processing any issues raised by any individual regarding entitlements. 
  4. All PPOs will be in the form of ePPOs and practice of issue of hard copies will be discontinued. These can be down loaded for the personnel record if any ESM wants for him self. However one can access all his PPOs on line as and when required. 
  5. Pension Portal as existing will be further improved.
  6. A new project has been launched where in CDA will fwd all LPC on line to PCDA(P). Trial with 5 Records Offices is in progress and same will be extended to all Records on operationalisation of the same soon. This is to cut down delay and loss of LPC under post.

Warm regards,

Col Ajit S Rana, 
President, TSEWA
North India, NCR & Haryana.
TSEWA Membership No-2332

(Source- Via Gp e-mail)

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