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War Casulty - Hapless Sep Chittar Singh fought long battle to get War Disability : MoD neglecting even after Court orders.


1 It is reported by Sub DS Yadav (Mob: 09936938829) of Farukhabad (UP) (our sister NGO), that Ex-Servicemen (ESM) deserve justice faster from Ministry of Defence (MOD). Thousands of such Court cases, decided by the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFTs), are awaiting clearance from MOD. 

     One such case is of Sep Chittar Singh (No 2961136), who is fully handicapped blind & bed ridden, of VPO MAUDA in Farukhabad, is awaiting justice since a long. Maudha is a Sainik village, having about 500 Defence personnel & a memorial, with lot of Martyrs from the brave Rajput Regt.    

2. Sep Chittar Singh (Mob: 09935781207, of Bahu), while on duty in 1968 on Sikkim border Post, was blown up with a mine blast and lost his both legs, both eyes & one arm (see photo att). Inline image 1

He was boarded out of service by the Army with 100% Normal Disability + attendant but not the War Disability, being the Border casualty. He had joined the Army (19 Rajput) on 22/9/1965, was married, had a son and living bed ridden routine village life.

3. Sub DS Yadav, on a routine visit to Mauda village, noticed that Sep Chittar Singh was living a poorman’s life and not getting his full due War Disability Pension. He took up his case with Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) Lucknow in 2013. During proceedings it came to the light that there was no provision for War Disability in such cases before 1/2/72 and Sep Chittar Singh was suffering due to official neglect. AFT decided the case on 1/2/17 in favour of Sep Chittar Singh for the War Disability+ attendant as per the latest full pay scales (copy att).
Inline image 2
 Inline image 3
4. But Ministry of Defence (MOD) is taking too long in Implementation of AFT decision

       After this, the Pension of Sep Chittar Singh will increase from Rs 11500/- to about Rs 30,000/- pm, so that this ESM can be better looked after by the family. 

         It is very surprising that, MOD has been holding on to thousands of cases for implementation, since many years and not giving due justice to ESM even after winning the Court cases. 

       Like me, many other NGOs have approached MOD but bureaucracy has its own way of working and discouraging Justice to the ESM community. 

     Out of 9 AFTs, 6 AFTs are without even a judge & more or less, non functional. 

      We are feeling helpless & neglected by the Govt apathy, even after regular appeals.

With Regards.      

Yours Sincerely,
(Lt Col SS Sohi, Retd). Mob: 9815107744.                                        
Ex-Servicemen Grievances Cell (Regd).
#.1121 Sector 71 Mohali-160071 (Pb).
OMG !!

We must be the ONLY country in the world, so insensitive to the needs of our soldiers, our elderly and our disabled. 

Where otherwise, is the need for this case to arise? The Establishment should have been bending backwards to DO SOMETHING for him, WITHOUT HIM having to EVEN ASK !!! 

Is this a civilizational flaw with us? Are we rotting? Have we already? 

With Warm Regards,

Col RP Chaturvedi,

(Via Gp e-mail from Col SS Sohi (Retd)

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