Sunday, January 4, 2015

(DEFENSE MINISTER'S INTERVIEW TYO AAJ TAK) - Was it 80% of OROP or 80% of Satisfaction?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Courtesy Maj S K Jain

Appended below are the exact words spoken by RM on OROP during his interview on Headlines Today, for ready reference. This is a mixture of English and Hindi words. Hindi words in blue for easy identification. Though Maj Jain has taken due care but still there may be some errors. This is part of reply which was given to a question asked by Col Thapar (from 22 minutes into the interview).

Except above, no other statement is available where RM has spoken about the percentage (80%) in relation to OROP. It appears that the words spoken on Headlines Today, are being used by different readers and commentators as per their personal understanding.

It appears he (RM) has talked about "if not 100% satisfaction then 80% or 90% satisfaction" and NOT 80% of OROP as has been stated by many.

"About OROP I think I have just understood exactly what it means. Now the second round which I have started is to identify exact financial implication.  Kai Bar elections mein assurances diye jaaten hain assurances ka detailing aur analysis nahin hota haiTo main uska analysis kar raha hoon

Mai itna aswasta kar sakta hoon mere side se to main full pressure daalne wala hoon or more or less what is acceptable to the armed forces. Why I am saying more or less because nothing is 100% but satisfaction 100% nahin hua to 80% ho sakta hai 90% ho sakta hai. Yahan tak laane ki meri koshish hai ki most of the issues are sorted out, agreed by everyone.

Thode main usme nahin jaaunga jyada detailsmein Kyonki maine last time economic times mein jo kaha uske upar bhi kai logon ne kuchh comments dal diye without understanding what I was meaning. We cannot express everything in short 20 minutes or 30 minutes interview. What I have in my mind I try to express it maximum but though I am quite articulate I probably was not able to put it in short way.

But I can assure you this much ye issue main jyada din khinch kar nahin jaunga. I will sort it out at the earliest and though I promise for major satisfaction. 100% satisfaction to everyone ye kabhi zindagi mein reality mein aati nahin hai. But jaise mai bola 80 % 90% tak agar satisfaction level le ke jaaun toh that will be good enough solution because from my side I will be always 100% but there are questions raised for various issues some minor corrections minor question marks may remain ultimately. But probably 4 to 8 weeks this should be resolved for once.

Coming out with the comprehensive solution so that next budget ke liye iske liye jaana nahin pade. Uske liye solution aa jaye next budget mein keval paise ke liye jaana pade."




  1. Jo Neta English jante hain wo hindi main barglaine ke koshish karten hain aur jo hindi jainte hain wo english main barglaine ki koshish karten hain, therefor, is lie no orop for sm for ever JAI HIND.

  2. Have the armed forces not given full 100 percent satisfaction to the nation whether it is war on Kargil orbcreation of Bangladesh or against natural calamities or aid to civil power which is basically due to screw up of politicians and babus? If no, then why shudcthe ungrateful nation bargainxwith them on their entitlements?