Friday, January 16, 2015

Update OROP By Air Marshal SY Savur, PVSM (Retd) - 15 Jan 2015

Further to RRM calling for meeting.

The basic modalities remain 

(1) same rank, same years of total service, same pension, 

(2) commencement date of OROP is 1.4.2014 i.e pension drawn by officers retiring on that date and 

(3) increase of pension on the basis of what would be drawn in future by officers under (1)  

It appears CGDA has used statistics to impress up on the Ministers that calculations were made on the basis of taking maximum service and maximum pay to arrive at the pension. For example - the largest number of officers entitled to pensions are in the Lt Col & Col ranks and for ORs in the Havildar rank. If, presumably, CGDA  decided Rs 38000 for 31 years for all Lt Cols and Cols and a similar (but not same) figure for Havildars, the inflated figure would be Rs 9300 crores (some reports state Rs 14, 300 crores).

The next area (of contention?) is that of OROP be determined by years of service in the rank at the time of retirement. It appears the CGDA and/or FA (DS) have ignored two fundamental facts - 

(1) the basis for pensions since independence has been rank and total years of service at the time of retirement. If proof be needed, the CGDA/FA (DS) may wish to look at not only the PPOs of the Defence Services but also their own PPOs. 

(2) If two officers have the same rank, and similar years of service, they should get the same amount of pension. Any other "modality" would no longer qualify as "One Rank One Pension."

Hopefully, the Defence Minister and RRM will heed the facts as they are instead of being over-awed by the "statistics"provided by CGDA/ FA (DS).   

Another bogey that the "babus" appear to have shown to the Defence Minister is about civilians too wanting OROP. It brings to mind a similar silly statement - Remember Shri P S Walia, then Under Secy in MoD - D(Pay/Services) averring in an affidavit that if Rank Pay was given to entitled Defence Forces officers, the civilians would ask for it too? Well, the Apex Court passed its orders on 03 Sep 2012,  and............
Heard the political decision may be announced on 26 Jan 2015.

As I stated earlier, "well, if wishes were horses, we'd get OROP sooner than 28 Feb 15 (a Saturday)." 

(Source- Aerial View blog)     


  1. I am astonish to hear first time by our Hon'ble Defence Minister that two officers
    have same length of service in the same rank at the time of retirement but one retained his rank more than another one. His pension will be decided on the period
    holding the rank but I would like to tell that always last rank is counted for pension with total length of service in respect of PBOR and I should don't have any doubt in his mind on basis of retention of rank. Upto fifth pay commission, pension were fixed according to rank and length of service.

  2. Hon'ble Sir, I would like to draw your kind attention that the post-2006 retirees have been effected with MACP/ACP on completion of residency period (08 years) in the same rank. In the case of pre-2006 retirees certain ranks i.e. Sergeants remain in this rank (extend to 15 years or even more) for quite long period because lack of promotion avenues. What would be the fitment formula while equating the effected personnel who served long duration in a particular rank? Hope you will consider this case by giving due merit.

  3. Sir, If the total service in the same rank is the factor again there will be two factors governing. Personnel draw more pension under ACP as the length of service in the same rank is more after 2006 retirees and the other side personnel draw less pension who is not coming under the purview of ACP (In both the cases length of service remain same.) So personnel retired before 2006 may also be brought up accordingly to maintain parity with....

  4. Dear Sir Kindly note till date it was rank and as per length of service like no of year served , according that pension was fixed , now again some new formula ? is it to delay purpose or want to make some new issue.

  5. Really, It is very surprising thing use to hear always. I don't know what is doubt in implementation of OROP. If our Hon'ble RM has any doubt in his mind he has many personality with background of Defence in his Ministry like General (Retd) VK Singh, Ex Chief of the Army Staff. He should contact them and get clear picture regarding term and condition of pension applicable to veterans. Last rank is counted for pension irrespective of period holding the rank. If some one retired after having one year of particular rank and another have since 5 years of same rank but they are retiring on same date with same length of service. Pension should be same of both.

  6. The promotion prospects are totally vary in all the three services and the personnel had to remain in the particular rank for quite long time and they are deprived of the benefits for none of their fault

  7. Savur Sir,
    Could you please make a disposable e-mail address and put it on the blog so that we can contact you. Need to share some worksheets I have been working on and an old service paper. Also, there are things that cannot be put on the blog since there are too many loose cannons.