Tuesday, January 13, 2015



Veteran AVM RP Mishra is a Member of the governing body of the IESL and has been very active in this subject. A part of his forwarded letter is placed below for your information.

"I had received a telephone call some days ago (7 Jan I think) from the Hon'ble Minister of Defence. He sought a clarification on a suggestion put up by the bureaucracy that instead of total service, it should be the service in the rank that should be a parameter for deciding OROP. 

My clarification during the conversation was on the following lines:

1. The defence services have a complex structure with a number of different Arms/Services, ranks, Groups, Categories etc. No one formula can remove every single aberration in the over two million pensioners. When we stared the 'Movement', we had given detailed thought to the deciding of criteria. We chose 'total service' because this would give satisfaction to the maximum numbers.

2. Considering 'service in rank' would be unfair because the time of picking up a higher rank depends on many factors, that do not reflect on an individual's capabilities, nor are within his control. I cited the example of Infantry where different battalions in the same Regiment have a vast variation in the number of years taken to become a Naik, Havildar, JCO etc. Since they all retire after completing a uniformly equal length of service, it would be logical that the length of service should be the criterion.
3. Even among officers, for example, I was promoted Lt Col after completing 15 1/2 years of service, whereas my colleagues in some other Arms would have been considerably delayed as there were fewer vacancies. While deciding OROP at least the latter should get the benefit of equal pension.
4. The proposal of considering length of service in the rank would also have administrative difficulty. While total service is clearly visible in the PPO, service in the rank would need fresh calculations, thus leading to considerable delay in implementing OROP.
The Hon'ble Minister confirmed that he had understood the issue and would not accept the bureaucrats' recommendation.
I had also recommended that the stalled meetings of the Joint Working Group should be recommenced to iron out any other angularity and thus speed up implementation of OROP. This was agreed to.
I had shared the details of above conversation with concerned officials at the Army Headquarters so that the serving and the ESM speak with convergence on this subject. 

I could gather that there is urgency on the part of the Defence Ministry to finalise and implement this vexed issue. When implemented, this would give benefit to all future generations of pensioners. "

RK Kadyan, Veteran

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  1. Sir,
    Intention of bureaucracy is to deny orop and other financial matters that's why they bring such points.

  2. Bureaucrats in MoD are the real culprits behind the delaying tactics bringing all the nonsense ideas. There is an urgent need to keep them away from the process. They are habitual in self serving only. Will these "BABUS" after undergoing basic military training, serve in the Armed Force in military uniform even for a month with the service conditions ? Forget forced early retirement.The difficulties and suffering can only realise, who serve the nation selflessly in uniform under the military serving conditions.

  3. Sir, your efforts in implementing OROP is hihgly appreciable. I would like to highlight that the promotion scope of three services are vary depending upon the vacancies. for example personnel (PBOR) from IAF mostly retire as SGT on completion of 20 years (on initial engagement) because of lack of promotion avenues. The personnel continues to be in SGT rank (span) is even beyond 15 years or more. How these categories are looked into while implementing OROP??

  4. Sgt or equivalent ranks of army and navy are reckoned with ldc in terms of pay and pension. This is a unique system in india where the backbone is neglected mercilessly. In comparison, such sergeants of European countries or even in Pakistan are treated with higher pay and parks. If a Sgt is given diploma certificate, he should be given some reconnaissance in terms of pay not merely a certificate. However, 4 to 8 weeks has suddenly changed to July 2015. Some more surprise may come in any day when such statement may extend beyond. Good governance.