Sunday, March 22, 2015


Speaking about the various issues and challenges faced by his ministry, he (the RM) was quoted as saying
   "Nothing happens overnight. A system which has virtually got rusted in a place. 

Today in Defence Ministry, things have rusted in place.....

I am coming out with some mechanism. Give me some more time. 

In the near future, we should be able to solve issues which are haunting through procedural mechanism. Some may still linger on. 

We can interact for further improvement. Nothing is perfect." 

How correct is his understanding of the system, especially in MOD.

We hope, he shall put in place workable mechanism wherein the matters pertaining to the Armed Forces are dealt quickly and in the right perspective.  Perhaps, the civil babus may have to be replaced with the Armed Forces Personnel or experts on defence matters at all important decision making levels. Sooner the better. 

(Source- Jottings blog)


  1. Post defence background people In M O D shunt out the people who don't have any knowledge about DEFENCE.

  2. R/M is only buying time to avoid OROP till 7 CPC. This ploy of rustic system is just an excuse to delay & deny OROP.

  3. The Apex court has repeatedly exposed the manipulators that resulted in heavy financial burdens to the Government besides compromising its credibility. Heavy financial burdens create national insecurities and such financial manipulators must be identified so that there is no farther damage to national security . The military , it is high time , discard the tag of attached office and brought out of its cantonment cocoon to participate in the Government since others have contributed more towards national insecurities. Participation of industrial houses is a must to enhance national security which unfortunately was denied so far

  4. You are hoping that civilian babus in the ministry of defence will be replaced by uniformed pers means the you are waiting for a tragedy. Nothing else will happen in the ministry of defence other than the thick headed attitude of military officers. They do not fit enough to carry on the task what the civilians are now doing. At least now we can make hall kulla for civ beuro rat not doing their job correctly. If it is with uniformed guys what can any one do. One must see the way the A HQ dealt with the distribution of colonels vacancy during the year 2008/2009. Now the AFT judgement is a slap on the face of A HQ management. The civilian buerocrats are much fairer than the uniformed guys.

  5. If salary of MLA/MP can be revised on spot, what is wrong with OROP. For MLA/MP candidature minimum 15 years service for combatant service must be fixed one eligibility and children of MLA/MP and senior civil services officers should be compelled to study in Government school/colleges then colour of Parliament and educational institutions will improve.