Monday, March 23, 2015

India to Train Defence Personnel of 38 Countries: Manohar Parrikar (The defence ministry has already finalised the OROP scheme)

File photo: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.

BHUBANESWAR:  Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Sunday said India was planning to export defence materials and training military personnel of at least 38 countries.

"At least 38 countries are sending their defence personnel for training in India. We are encouraging them. We are giving them more slots. We are also considering to supply some sort of defence materials through export or through line of credit to the countries so that they can depend on India for their defence," Mr Parrikar told reporters on the sideline of an international conference in Bhubaneswar.Mr Parrikar, however, said he would not be able to reveal names of the countries which are sending their personnel for training due to security reasons.

Meanwhile, the Defence Minister said, "We are organising a naval exercise in Visakhapatnam where international fleet will participate... It will be a spectacular show of basic exercise of infrastructure."

However, Mr Parrikar said, India does not want to dominate any other country but increase its own strength through partnership and friendship.

Asked whether China is also participating in the exercise, Mr Parrikar said, "We are yet to send invitation. It's an open matter. Once the list is prepared, you can know."

On Blue Navy, Parrikar said the concept of it will come to practice when India posts 30/40 ships at about 300/400 nautical miles from the coast.

Meanwhile, on one rank one pension (OROP) scheme, he said, "The defence ministry has already finalised the OROP scheme. However, certain financial and administrative procedures will be followed. The first positive thing is that it has been prepared properly. It involves an amount around Rs.8,000 crore."

About the proposal from Odisha government on a Kalinga regiment, he said, "You cannot raise a regiment by caste or region... I would ensure that defence presence is felt more in Odisha so that you can get more people trained, get more people in the army and employment."
(SOURCE- NDTV/Press Trust of India)


  1. Sir, no body has tell me the answer of my question. Pl tell me No1 I am getting pensioney benefit of 21 and half years of service instead of 22 years as I have completed 21 years and 272 days of service and at the time of retirement I placed in the medical cat P2 ie 50% , no disability benefit given to me being a volunteer retirement. Please tell be any pensionery benefit in this regard. Thank You. Ex Hav Mohinder Singh

  2. How many times the DM will declare this OROP, it needs only once.